3 Reasons People Buy Variable Compensation Software From Ethotech

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Why people buy variable compensation software from EthoTech

It Matters to Have The Right Variable Compensation Software Partner

Looking for new variable compensation software for your company? Features, capabilities, and ERP integration are important, of course. But don’t forget how important it is to work with the right variable comp software partner.

Here are key reasons people buy their variable compensation management software from the experts at EthoTech.

3 Reasons EthoTech Is the Partner to Choose for Your Variable Comp Software

EthoTech’s experts have spent 20+ years developing and supporting variable comp software. During that time, we’ve seen a disturbing trend among software vendors. You may have seen it too.

Most software vendors seem to think that your software purchase is about them, not about you. And that’s wrong. 

Modern software companies engage in too much navel gazing. They transform your business needs into internal discussions about their profits. They turn your important software questions into a cold bill to cover their labor costs.

EthoTech firmly believes: The Purpose of YOUR Software Purchase Is to Benefit YOUR Company. Everything we do at EthoTech, every day, supports this truth.

In practice, this means 3 things:

1. EthoTech Will Support You Through the Whole Process

When you purchase variable compensation software from EthoTech, we support you through the whole process. From beginning to end, we help business leaders learn exactly how EthoTech’s solutions will serve their needs. It starts with our personalized demos and extends through helping our clients understand exactly how the implementation process will work. We even walk you through using your new software for the first time.

At EthoTech, we understand that using a new software solution is your journey. We’re here to facilitate success on that journey of yours in every way possible.

2. EthoTech Is a Software Company That Understands Your Variable Comp Needs

We certainly have learned a thing or two during our 20+ years spent developing and supporting variable comp software for Microsoft Dynamics. The biggest thing we’ve learned is that everyone uses their variable comp solution differently. Sure, different companies have different setups, but various employees at those companies use their software differently too. That is why EthoTech is flexible enough to meet your specific needs, whatever they may be.

With that said, we do realize that all companies have a need for key capabilities, including:

  • Transparency

Transparency motivates your salespeople to achieve more. It helps them view updated commission calculations on-demand. It empowers them to track their progress against quotas, milestones, bonuses, or other goals. Increasing transparency also boosts sales performance and enhances trust between Sales and Accounting.

  • Flexibility

We’ve seen our clients apply an astonishing variety of arrangements to their commission, rebate, and royalty structures. Common arrangements include split commissions; adjusting by region, tier, or other groups; and applying discounts, write-offs, payment terms, or accounts aging changes. No matter what you need, EthoTech’s variable compensation software solutions are flexible enough to empower your preferred structure and setup – we even save you time by enabling mass adjustments!

  • Automation

Transparency and flexibility are only possible when you harness the power of automation.  Nobody likes double entry, so as costs change, invoices age or are written off, EthoTech’s extensive automation capabilities ensure your calculations stay up to date – effortlessly.

3. EthoTech Will Be There for You When You Need Us

Businesses evolve. As your company changes, you will need different processes, different capabilities, and different variable compensation calculations. EthoTech doesn’t simply sell you a product and walk away – we make sure that we are available whenever you need us. We are here to build a relationship.

Knowing that your software will evolve with your organization as you grow results in a deep peace of mind. EthoTech is committed to your peace of mind every time you open up your variable compensation software.

Join Other Business Leaders in the Know: Buy Variable Compensation Software from EthoTech

Purchasing variable comp software can be stressful. We understand that and we want to help make your process easier. Our mission, always, is to make sure your software experience is all about you.

As soon as you are ready to start exploring your options, please contact EthoTech to schedule your personalized demo. If our software meets your needs, you’ll have the opportunity to work with the team that so many other business leaders rely on and trust. If our software doesn’t meet your needs, we’ll be happy to help point you toward your next steps.

Take the Stress Out of Variable Comp Software. Contact EthoTech for your solution.

Since 2002, companies across every sector have relied on EthoTech for the right tool for tracking, calculating, and paying variable compensation. We provide solutions, integration, and support that is focused solely on integrated variable compensation software for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It’s all we do, and we do it better than anyone.

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