How to Scale Your Semiconductor Organization Efficiently

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Scaling an organization is a huge challenge. Adding team members, organizing activities, documenting processes and systematic ways to do things to meet required objectives, along with new compliance obligations can take a lot of time and effort and lead to chaos.

In smaller organizations, the people are the process. Folks are hired based on previous experience, and those team members implement processes based on what they know and what works best in your team. When you hire additional team members to scale your company this does not multiply well. One person with one background and one way to do things works in a way that two people doing things their own way does not. If you are running planning or manufacturing operations using manual spreadsheets or other workarounds each person is doing things based on their own experience. When somebody new joins the team and you need to train them, complications arise. The more you're working with spreadsheets and workarounds, the more you're depending on what's in people's heads and less on a defined company process.

While we are big believers in people and that people are what drive success, having a systematic approach in place is high value for people at any stage of the process to try to make processes explicit. Systematic processes push everybody towards a common way to do things. It lets you add people to your team more efficiently without having to start over and extract soft knowledge to help people across all functional areas. It makes data consolidation and information velocity possible.

You need to step back and re-evaluate where you are now, how you've configured and leveraged the existing functionality and what would be the best approach as you grow based on the needs of your organization today. You may find that what was acceptable as a good enough at 5 million is not adequate at 50 million and 100 million and 200 million. It could be driven by external audits or compliance or sophisticated needs.

As you grow your company, you need to evolve your operations processes and your related systems. Driving a car for a Sunday drive once a week at a slow pace to see the scenery vs driving the same car around a racetrack at 100/200 miles an hour needs a very different type of approach and mechanics. You need to find a trusted ERP solution that supports you at every stage of your operations ramp cycle and has the ability to scale with you.

Why Tensoft SemiOps is the Best Solution for Your Company:

You get functionality specific to your industry.
Tensoft systems are built for the semiconductor industry. We focus on the functionalities that are unique to this industry like inverted BOM, inventory valuation & costing, product attribute tracking, supplier integration, etc. that add a lot of value to you. No more workarounds needed!

We have early-stage startups as well as companies that have grown substantially over time leveraging these functionalities.

You are set for growth. You can scale quickly.
We have organizational experience to help with people and processes. We can look at the needs of your organization, the team structure, and advise on the best way to do things going forward.

It can be as simple as adding team members or leveraging the functionality based on the needs of your business at that time. For example: In the Semiconductor industry, we can have an internal and an external part number. You might have the part number the way you sell it but there might be more than one internal part number that matches that. When you start as a company, you may decide to leverage one part number for how you sell it and not have multiple internal part numbers. But over time your engineering may require you to have granularity, iterations of a product that are not significant enough to change your external marketing but things that you want to keep track of or down grading and binning where you want to sell a higher-grade product under a lower grade part number because it will fit that purpose fully. With SemiOps, you are equipped to manage your supply chain from early on.

You can trust us with your audits.
In today’s time, SOC compliance is very important. Tensoft is very familiar with the types of organizational changes that occur as a company scales whether it's starting out with a very lean team to going through an IPO. We have the ability to handle the needs of where you're at the moment and be a trusted advisor.

We have experience talking to people about the organizational changes that occur in tech as they scale. For instance, at 5 or 10 million, your IT department model might be to have a functional power user in each department but when you are at 50 million bringing in a Business Analyst would add a lot of value to your business.

If you are interested in learning more about Tensoft SemiOps, visit our product page or contact us directly.

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