Boosting Business Central Capabilities: Optimizing Order Fulfillment in Supply Chain Operations

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Insight Works announces the continued success of its Order Fulfillment Worksheet app, enhancing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central's capabilities for supply chain operations. This app provides real-time order insights, automated warehouse tasks, and streamlined backorder management, optimizing order fulfillment efficiency and control.

Insight Works, a leader in productivity solutions for businesses leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is proud to highlight its Order Fulfillment Worksheet app’s continued success and industry impact. Released on December 1, 2022, this innovative app enhances Business Central’s capabilities, providing supply chain operations with unparalleled efficiency and control.

With the increasing reliance on Dynamics 365 Business Central for comprehensive enterprise resource planning, the Order Fulfillment Worksheet app stands out by addressing critical gaps in order fulfillment. It offers real-time insights into order availability, automates the creation of warehouse picks and shipments, and streamlines backorder management. These unique features ensure that businesses can fully leverage the potential of Business Central, enhancing their order fulfillment operations.

Brian Neufeld, Director of Marketing at Insight Works, underlined the app’s transformative impact:

“The Order Fulfillment Worksheet app is a game-changer for businesses using Dynamics 365 Business Central. It revolutionizes how companies handle in-stock orders and provides real-time inventory insights, significantly improving the efficiency and customer-centricity of the order fulfillment process.”

Key features of the Order Fulfillment Worksheet app include:

  • Real-Time Order Tracking: Up-to-date status of order availability.
  • Detailed Order Line Information: Insights into specific order details and potential fulfillment hindrances.
  • Automated Pick Generation: Simplifies the creation of warehouse picks and associated shipments.
  • Backorder Management: Streamlines the handling of backorders, ensuring prompt fulfillment as new stock arrives.
  • Inventory Allocation and Prioritization: Manual modifications and priority assignment for orders or customers.

The Order Fulfillment Worksheet’s user-friendly design ensures that users can easily access comprehensive order details, sort and filter orders based on various criteria, and receive guidance on necessary warehouse movements for shipment execution. These intuitive features collectively contribute to a more streamlined and proactive order fulfillment process, enhancing the overall functionality of Business Central.

For businesses utilizing Dynamics 365 Business Central, the Order Fulfillment Worksheet app offers a competitive advantage by delivering control and efficiency that standard systems do not provide. Its ability to automate and simplify warehouse operations makes it an indispensable tool for warehouse managers, order fulfillment specialists, inventory controllers, supply chain managers, logistics coordinators, and warehouse pickers.

Insight Works invites businesses to explore the full capabilities of the Order Fulfillment Worksheet app and see how it can transform their order fulfillment operations. For more information, visit or reach out to a Microsoft Partner.

About Insight Works

Since 2008, Insight Works has been a prominent Independent Software Vendor (ISV), initially specializing in Microsoft NAV before transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in 2018.

Headquartered in Canada with substantial operations in North America and the Netherlands, Insight Works actively supports European markets. Their extensive network of over 500 Microsoft Partners globally ensures top-tier support and service, facilitating seamless system integration and continuous application enhancement.

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