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At GP Support North, our commitment to your success drives everything we do. In this article, we’re here to help you and your team refine Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) to meet your evolving business process demands. As we dive into Dynamics GP Workflow automation, we invite you to explore the intricate functionalities available in the latest version (GP 18.6 AKA GP 2024).

Automated Workflows inherit in Dynamics GP (included free with GP 18.xx)

Dynamics GP's Workflow functionality empowers organizations to automate and expedite business process approvals across Purchasing, Sales, Projects, Financials, and Security. With the GP 18.xx Workflow Setup, your team can define custom processes that reflect your unique organizational structure and business requirements. These built-in functions enhance efficiency, control, and visibility by routing repetitive tasks through predefined approval hierarchies, generating posts, notifying users of pending approvals, and maintaining a detailed audit trail of completed workflow activities.

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Watch an overview of the GP Workflow functionality for AP approvals

Dynamics GP AP Workflow built in

Creating a Workflow in GP

To create a workflow in Dynamics GP, follow these steps:

Navigate to: Administration > Setup > Workflow Maintenance > Create New Workflow

Select Field: Choose from options such as Purchasing, Sales, Financial, etc.

Create Automation Logic: Use the Workflow Condition Editor to set the logic.

Delegate Tasks: Assign tasks like approve or reject to specific users.

Set as Active: Activate your workflow.

Great Plains AP workflow screen

With these steps, you can easily integrate an automated business process within Dynamics GP.

Accounts Payable Workflow Example in GP

An Accounts Payable (AP) workflow automates invoice approval, enhancing control and improving visibility.

Key features include:

Role-Based Controls: User roles dictate invoice approval permissions and workflows, ensuring that only authorized personnel can approve transactions based on their designated roles within the organization.

Viewing Pending Approvals: Dynamics GP provides a centralized list where users can view all pending approvals at a glance. This visibility enables timely action on pending invoices and prevents bottlenecks in the approval process.

Email Notifications: Generates email notifications via a Webservice to alert users, both within and outside of GP, about pending approvals.

Audit Trail: Maintains a detailed audit trail of all AP workflow activities, including approvals, rejections, and any modifications made.

AP workflow Dynamics GP screen

Enhanced AP Functionality with Mekorma

If you require expanded document attached functionality as part of your GP AP workflow automation, GP Support North’s trusted partner Mekorma offers affordable add-on applications such as Invoice Capture, integrated into Dynamics GP. Mekorma Invoice Capture utilizes Microsoft Power Platform to automate data capture and invoice entry into Dynamics GP. When an invoice is received by email, it triggers Microsoft’s AI to read and extract the essential information. The data is then transferred to GP using a Power Automate flow. Once in Dynamics GP, the invoice can be validated and processed according to your business rules using the built-in Dynamics GP workflow engine outlined above.

Mekorma AP doc Attach

Digital Transformation While STAYING on Dynamics GP

For those seeking more information on the Workflow module for Purchasing, Sales, Security, and Finance, or additional Dynamics GP core or add-on functionalities, please contact our GP Support North desk. Our team is dedicated to making your workday easier and more efficient by getting more out of your Dynamics GP ERP.

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