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At Rillion, we specialize in unraveling the complexities of AP Automation software and simplifying it so that our clients can manage the process quickly. Whether it involves capturing invoice data, managing approvals, or handling budgeting and analytics, we ensure the process is fully automated from start to finish. Using Rillion to automate your payables with Dynamics 365 will significantly improve your processing speed and accuracy.

AP Automation with Rillion 

What can you do with Rillion to streamline invoice data capture, invoice processing, and vendor invoice archiving?

  • Process Supplier Invoices

Rillion One ( to get started quickly) and RillionPrime (for complex needs)  automatically scan invoices sent by email or as PDFs. If you receive invoices on paper and fax invoices, you can use the built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool to populate the system. The platform captures the information automatically, eliminating data entry errors and reducing the time it takes to put invoices into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution.

  • Match Purchase Orders

With Rillion's automated invoice matching, you can eliminate manually matching invoices with POs and deliveries. When deliveries are made, an entry in Dynamics 365  allows Rillion to connect them with the corresponding invoice. Coding information is imported into the Rillion platform automatically for easy reconciliation.

Reduce the time spent matching POs by reviewing the invoice and delivery simultaneously.

  • Process Approvals

When invoices are in Rillion, you can automatically route them to the correct individuals in your company for approval. You can pre-set approval workflows based on factors such as role, amount, project, or cost center.

The solution automatically notifies approvers, who can sign off with a single click.

  • Send Notifications

Eliminate the paper invoices sitting on someone's desk and email attachments that may be ignored. Rillion sends notifications and alerts to remind approvers to take action.

  • Automate recording

Approved invoices are automatically sent for payment and recorded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.

Benefits of Rillion / Dynamics 365 BC Integration

Some of the benefits of integrating Rillion to create a Microsoft Dynamics 365 AP Automation software solution include:

  • Customize columns and views, export to Excel, or Merge PDFs.
  • Search and sort by supplier, account, project, payment, etc. Quickly find any data point on any invoice.
  • A centralized dashboard with drill-downs lets you view all open, pending, and processed invoices in one place.

AI and Machine Learning

Built-in AI and machine learning automate the input, coding, and routing processes, reducing employee workloads.

AI proactively suggests the best way to process invoices for faster approval. The solution recognizes your work processes without administrators having to write rules or set parameters. New users get up and running quickly because Rillion remembers how you prefer to code invoices.

Each time you import an invoice into Rillion,  the solution refers to your coding model and looks for patterns to propose the best matches. Whenever you create new code or make a correction, the Rillion recognizes and applies that knowledge to future invoices.

Integrating Rillion with Dynamics 365 BC for AP Automation

Data in charts of accounts, vendor registries, pending, and final bookings will automatically populate Rillion as soon as you connect it to Dynamics 365 BC. Everything in both systems syncs without duplicating the workload.

Rillion integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 results in an end-to-end solution that streamlines and automates the entire input, approval, and recording of your accounts payable.

Rillion/ Dynamics 365 BC integration benefits include:

  • Time savings: Automated workflows reduce cycle times.
  • Paper invoice replacement: Prevent lost or misplaced invoices and eliminate filing.
  • Improved accuracy:  Eliminate human errors, inaccurate payment amounts, and duplicate entries.
  • Invoice matching: Easily identify discrepancies between invoice and purchase orders.
  • Greater transparency: Automatically create audit trails, monitor approval workflows, and identify areas of noncompliance.

Rillion and Dynamics 365 Business Central provide a secure cloud solution that lets your AP team and approvers work anywhere they want on any connected device. Rillion works remotely so teams can work, approve, and process on the go.

Dynamics 365 AP Automation Software

To learn more about how Rillion and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provide an end-to-end automation solution for invoice processing, contact the AP automation experts at Rillion today to schedule a consultation.

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