Webinar: Get Fast Excel-Based Reporting for Microsoft Business Central

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Webinar: Discover Lightning-Fast Reporting and Analytics for Microsoft Business Central. Unlock the Power of Cosmos! Join us for a webinar on May 15, 2024, at 2:00 PM EDT.

You are invited to attend our presentation to learn how to access lightning-fast reporting (up to 48x faster than other excel-based reporting tools) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, made possible by Cosmos Data Technologies!

Cosmos Datat Technologies was built to help Microsoft Dynamcis 365 Business Central users make data-driven decisions at the speed of business. By eliminating the reporting bottlenecks and performance issues that so many on-premise third-party reporting tools include, Cosmos makes it easy to create a report or Power BI dashboard using optimized Business Central data.

With Cosmos, you can unlock the First True Cloud Reporting and Analytics Solution designed to work out of the box with Microsoft Business Central without the need for additional hardware or technical expertise. Discover the following in this informative live presentation on Excel Based Reporting for Microsoft Business Central including:

• Ultra-Fast Reporting for Everyone, not Technical Experts for your Business Central Users.
• Access 30 Reports in 30 Minutes!
• Previewing Limitless, Simultaneous Reports.
• Advantages of a One Unified and Secured Cloud Platform.
• Using Report Builder with Intuitive Filters and Formatting.
• How to Leverage Power BI with Cosmos to immediately utilize Dashboards and Analytics.
• And more!

Learn more and register today for this free webinar co-hosted with iCepts Technology Group and Cosmos Data Technologies.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. A Cosmos and Microsoft Business Central Partner in Pennsylvania. 


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