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Tensoft SemiOpsFirst released in 2001, Tensoft SemiOps (formerly called “Tensoft FSM”) has helped hundreds of companies in the semiconductor industry scale their operations. Some of our clients have grown to ship over a billion units annually – no small feat in the chip business! Many of our clients have ramped to successful exits through IPO or M&A. And, Tensoft has addressed this industry’s supplier ecosystem through integration to more than 100 semiconductor foundries and OSATs. With a global customer base, Tensoft SemiOps supports the unique manufacturing and production needs of businesses in this industry like no other solution on the market today.

We recently caught up with Tensoft CEO, Bob Scarborough, to get some insight on the evolution of Tensoft SemiOps. Here’s a portion of that conversation with him:

The Tensoft SemiOps solution continues to evolve rapidly. There have been great changes with the product. The benefit of being industry-specific is that customer feedback really drives the product. When you have a mature community of semiconductor manufacturers, suggested enhancements become useful for all customers. The processes of managing the supply chain and inventory is always evolving through new ideas and requirements. That’s why SemiOps has been so successful in keeping pace with this industry.

The ability to assign user actions to lots with quality concerns has been a great recent addition to Tensoft SemiOps functionality. Vendor integrations drive large data entry efficiencies for both small and larger businesses, which has been proven out by greater adoption of this functionality. And, tracking POS data is becoming more important as more manufacturers move to distributor models. Tensoft SemiOps has addressed that with booking, billing and backlog reporting for all businesses within the channel.

Tensoft SemiOps has multiple implementation models to fit the needs of our customers. This is very helpful since each customer may be at a different stage of maturity. Younger companies can take advantage of our “fast start” approach, focusing on the key functionality needed at their earlier stage of growth. Established companies are often able to take advantage of all of the functionality offered by Tensoft’s technology industry solutions right up front. Whatever their stage of growth, Tensoft is there for our customers.”

Support for Operations, Demand Management and Supplier Integration

As Bob suggests in his comments, there is a lot of functionality in this solution suite! To get an overview of the Tensoft SemiOps Cloud Platform, take a look at this eBook. There you’ll find:
• How to successfully scale your organization from pre-ramp phase to production breadth?
• How to support the unique manufacturing and supply chain needs of your business?
• How can we help you manage demand efficiently in a go-to-market model?
• How can we help you simplify integration challenges across the semiconductor supply chain?

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