Level Up Your Reporting: Unleash the Power of Excel Report Layouts in Business Central

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Unleash the Power of Excel Report Layouts in Business CentralAre you tired of static, one-dimensional Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central reports? Do you crave a way to transform data into visually engaging and interactive reports? Well, fret no more! Excel Report Layouts are here to revolutionize your reporting game.

Excel Report Layouts are a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central feature that allows you to design custom report formats using familiar Excel tools. This gives you more control over the look and feel of your reports compared to standard layouts.

Here’s a breakdown of how Excel Report Layouts work

Creating the Layout:

  1. Export the Data: You start by running the desired report and choosing the option to download it as a “Microsoft Excel Document (data only)”. This creates an Excel file with the report data but minimal formatting.
  2. Design the Layout: Open the downloaded Excel file and customize it using the full range of Excel features. You can add headers, formatting, charts, pivot tables, or anything else to make the data visually appealing and informative.

Assigning the Layout:

  1. New Layout: In Business Central, go to the “Report Layouts” page and create a new layout.
  2. Link the Report & File: Specify the report you want to use the layout for and provide a name and description for the layout. Then, upload the customized Excel file you created earlier.

Using the Layout:

  1. Select the Layout: You can choose the newly created Excel layout from the “Layout Type” option when running the report.
  2. Download and Use: The report will be generated using your custom Excel formatting, allowing you to download and share it as needed.

Benefits of Excel Report Layouts:

  • Flexibility: Excel offers a wide range of formatting and data manipulation tools, giving you more control over the report’s presentation.
  • End-user Customization: Even users with basic Excel skills can modify the downloaded report further for their specific needs.
  • Familiar Interface: People familiar with Excel can easily design and understand the report layout.

Overall, Excel Report Layouts provide a powerful way to create customized and informative reports in Business Central.

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