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Power BI reports publishing and sharing

We hope you had the opportunity to attend our recent Supercharge Your Power BI webinar featuring best practices for sharing and publishing reports. In case you didn't, you can catch the replay here.



Supercharge Your Power BI Highlights

This webinar was all about maximizing Power BI to supercharge data visualization and sharing. David Beaty, Director of Business Development at TrinSoft, and Collin Sheehan, a self-taught programmer and Power BI developer for TrinSoft, led the discussion.

David began by introducing Power BI as a powerful tool for visualizing data, likening it to Excel charts on steroids. He emphasized its versatility in connecting various data sources, including SQL databases and business software.

Power BI in PowerPoint

3 Ways to Share Power BI Reports Effectively

Collin then demonstrated three key ways to share Power BI reports effectively. First, he showed how to embed Power BI reports into PowerPoint presentations, making them interactive and impactful for leadership meetings. Next, he explained how to set up email subscriptions for automated report delivery, saving time and ensuring timely access to insights. Finally, he showcased the use of digital signage to display live data, particularly useful for manufacturing facilities or shared workspaces.

Power BI Reports Email Subscription

Drawing on Rudy Giuliani's use of data to reduce crime in New York City in the 1990s, the webinar stressed the importance of data-driven decision-making. David and Collin offered a special offer of a free Power BI report pack, particularly tailored for users of Dynamics 365 Business Central, as a token of appreciation for attendees.

Power BI Digital Signage

Overall, the webinar provided practical insights into maximizing Power BI's potential for better decision-making and business impact.

If you're seeking assistance with delving into data visualization and Power BI, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We thrive in the world of Power BI, specializing in seamlessly connecting diverse datasets to craft visually stunning and impactful dashboards that elevate your business. Additionally, stay tuned to our events calendar for upcoming webinars, and feel free to suggest topics for future sessions. We're here to support your journey towards harnessing the full potential of data analytics.

More On-Demand Power BI Webinars

We invite you to watch our previous webinars as well at your convenience.

Unlocking Data Magic with Power BI: A Guide to Next-Level Reports and Insights

Curious about transforming data into your greatest ally without getting lost in jargon? Join us as we unveil strategies for creating meaningful reports. Explore the realm of real-time information and learn how to craft dynamic dashboards from diverse datasets. No fluff, just practical insights to enhance your performance and boost your bottom line. Prepare to unleash the full potential of your data and achieve greatness!

Power BI's WOW Factor - 4 Unique Features for Decision Makers

Seeking rapid insights to optimize your Power BI experience? Allow us to guide you through lesser-known yet potent features that can enhance your efficiency and elevate your Power BI proficiency. Join us for a concise 30-minute session, followed by an interactive Q&A, where we'll delve into:

1. Using AI to ask questions about your data
2. Power BI mobile app
3. Scanning QR codes/barcodes
4. Live streaming data

Unlock Your Dynamics Data with TrinSoft's Power BI Report Pack

In today's era of vast data capture within modern ERP systems, dashboards, KPIs, and other reporting platforms have taken on paramount importance. TrinSoft's Power BI Report Pack offers an accessible data analytics solution, featuring pre-built dashboard reports designed to unleash the potential of your Business Central data.

TrinSoft's Report Pack provides comprehensive business insights through data analytics and BI, enabling your decision-makers to swiftly and decisively leverage data for organizational advancement.

Power BI Hidden Gems

In this webinar, we unveil several useful hidden features within Power BI, showcasing a selection of our personal favorites, such as:

  • Query parameters
  • What-if parameters
  • Multiple pages in Relationship view
  • Constant lines on visuals in Analytics pane
  • Custom themes in Power BI visuals

by TrinSoft, LLC a Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Partner in Kentucky

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