Using Microsoft AI with Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Data

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WOW, AI and Microsoft Copilot are moving at an amazingly fast pace. Until now, Dynamics GP has been mostly left behind. Read more below... Within the Dynamics 365 Business Central, and the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform (CRM) channels there is a lot of buzz around embedded Microsoft Copilot AI that comes free vs the paid versions of Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Within our GP Support North team, we have mostly taken a backseat as AI, LLM, and Cloud don’t really work well with legacy on-premise ERPs such as Dynamics GP (Great Plains). With that said our cloud-centric Dynamics 365 peers within Endeavour Solutions, are bursting with excitement around the currently available and future potential of Microsoft’s LLM – Large Language Model apps based on OpenAI, called Microsoft Copilot (not co-pilot).

So, how does Microsoft Copilot and Artificial Intelligence impact Dynamics GP?

Well, you’re not likely to see Microsoft Copilot embedded in Dynamics GP, but our GP Support North team has recently learned that as part of helping finance teams innovate and optimize their FP&A - Financial Planning and Analysis, Vena Solutions, a top ISV partner of GP Support North / Endeavour, has worked directly with the developers at Microsoft (Q4 2023 & Q1 2024) to directly incorporate Microsoft Copilot into the Vena Complete Planning Platform, recently launching Vena Copilot.

By using Vena to store your GP financial reporting and operational data securely in Vena's cloud-based database, you can now leapfrog your peers with access to these valuable AI productivity tools for FP&A.

Vena Copilot for Dynamics GP AI
Vena Copilot for Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Artificial Intelligence

The above image was from an exclusive partner preview provided to our team and shared with permission.

For those new to Vena Solutions, our team has been recommending Vena to our Dynamics GP clients for the past 7+ years for the automation of Budgeting, Scenario Planning, and creating Executive Dashboards and Reports. Their tools are powerful and have received very high marks for ease of use and customer satisfaction, along with winning multiple industry awards for CPM over the past decade.

"I've been working with Dynamics GP for over a decade now. I'm grateful for the ability of fellow Great Plains users to be given access these new AI tools, such as Vena Copilot, to extend the life and capabilities of their GP systems [ERP]. I honestly thought that GP was going to be left behind."  Neil MacDonald, Dynamics GP User & Solutions Consultant.

Most of our GP clients start with a Financial data cube using their core GL and Financial data, however, Vena can pull, sync, and report on all data from within your Dynamics GP environment. Once the data models are created with a bottom-up approach to consolidated reporting, users get access to the full FP&A toolset for dashboard-KPIs, financial reporting, planning, and analytics with a native Excel front-end. The addition of Power BI embedded within Vena Insights, and the addition of tools to embed refreshable reports within PowerPoint for executive presentations have been great recent additions to Vena’s focus on productivity and quality of FP&A analysis. For example, one of our clients went from a 12-day financial close down to a 3-day close for one of their divisions.

Drum roll, please…. Our team is now VERY, VERY excited about the new Microsoft- Vena Copilot as not only will it accelerate user adoption and improve FP&A analysis, it will also serve to significantly improve the throughput of your Finance team.

Now with Vena Copilot, we envision that a 3-person FP&A team will be able to accomplish the work of a 5-person team. How, well with quickly creating reports on demand and answering intelligent and not-so-intelligent questions. Although designed to help self-service, our team at GP Support North recommends that Finance Teams look to become AI and Copilot experts, using these tools to improve their teams’ quality of service and impact to the rest of their organization. Yes, that’s right, you can selfishly use Vena and Vena Copilot to help your Dynamics GP finance team accomplish more with less.
Some examples of using AI with Dynamics GP include:

  • Asking Vena Copilot to generate reports on demand
  • Asking Vena Copilot to provide FP&A commentary and analysis on an income statement
  • Asking Vena Copilot to identify trends in your sales results over the past two quarters

The key to the above, is these are NOT the smoke-and-mirrors, voice-activated running of pre-made reports, these examples are actually AI prompts to talk to Vena Copilot's generative AI engine about what you want, and then Vena Copilot creates the report and analysis on the fly to give you the results that you are looking for. For those in the know about AI and Copilot, as your Dynamics GP data is mapped to Vena cubes (CubeFLEX) stored on Microsoft Azure within your own cloud-tenant, the Vena-trained Financial Copilot can be restricted to only access your Vena CubeFLEX instance and nothing else. Furthermore, your user-based security based on Vena and Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure Active Directory) can control which data and reports are shared with a given user based on their role-based security provisions. Wow, once again.

Want to learn more about Copilot for Microsoft Dynamics GP data?

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Excel is at the core of Vena Complete Planning, the strategic data hub that connects you to your source systems and business-wide data. With our CPM software, you don’t have to abandon Excel to scale. You can work and grow the way you think. Bring data from Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and other systems directly into Vena so you can stop worrying about the integrity of your data. And with the language of Excel built directly into Vena, all of your data will stay synchronized and fluid, no matter where it’s coming from. Get the Best of Both Worlds


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