Dynamics GP vs. Dynamics 365 for Productivity

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Microsoft Dynamics GP has been a solid workhorse ERP solution for decades and certainly earned its place in Microsoft's stable of top ERP products. However, technology continues to evolve. Now that Microsoft offers more powerful and versatile cloud-based solutions, Dynamics GP users wonder if this would be an excellent time to move up to Dynamics 365. So, let's talk about Dynamics GP vs. Dynamics 365 for productivity.

Of course, all businesses are different, and various considerations apply when comparing Dynamics GP vs Dynamics 365. If you are using GP now, you'll want to consider the implementation cost of switching to Dynamics 365. You'll also want to consider customizations and integrations, licensing options, on-premises vs. cloud deployment, etc.

Let's focus on some of the features and tools in Dynamics 365 that help your team work faster, more efficiently, and more productively.

Embedded Functionality

Dynamics 365 ensures seamless integration with other Microsoft apps and third-party solutions. Your team will find that most of the tools they use daily are embedded into Dynamics 365. So, unlike other solutions, they won't have to continually switch between screens and applications. They will especially appreciate the seamless integration with Office 365. Since they work in Outlook all day, this integration will save significant time and make your team more productive. It's like adding extra hours to the day.

Dimensional Chart of Accounts

A significant improvement in financials from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 is dimensions. The dimensional chart of accounts eliminates the need to create separate General Ledger accounts for everything. If your chart of accounts is extensive, your team will appreciate this feature. Dimensions make it easier to post, organize, analyze, and report on your data in a deeper and more meaningful way. You can drastically simplify your chart of accounts while gaining more flexibility to slice and dice your data in multiple ways.

Watch our webinar, Dimensional Accounting in D365 Business Central.

Any Time, Anywhere Access

Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscription-based licensing is structured to eliminate the delays caused by users having to wait for others to log out before they can log in. Talk about an instant productivity boost! Remote workers have secure access anytime, anywhere to all your Dynamics 365 functionality and data across applications and devices.

Better Reporting and Analytics

Dynamics GP users often complain about the reporting limitations in GP. Dynamics 365 gives you an expanded selection of out-of-the-box templates and reports. Additionally, you can use the more flexible and robust reporting tool, Jet Reports, instead of Management Reporter. You'll also have enhanced integration and capabilities with Power BI, enabling your teams to consolidate data from multiple sources. Rather than spending time creating and emailing numerous spreadsheets, management can log into their personalized dashboards, drill down into data, and easily create their reports.

Customization and Automation

Most Dynamics GP solutions have been heavily customized over the years. Customizations can be costly and time-consuming. Dynamics 365 is much more flexible and customizable. However, you will find that many of the customizations you needed before in GP come built into D365. You'll get automated processes and role-based workflows. You can even use PowerApps to build internal apps without coding experience. GP customization can break with every version upgrade; D365 eliminates that issue.

Easier Collaboration

Because Dynamics 365 is fully integrated, connected, and accessible from any device (simultaneously), it's much easier to collaborate across your organization regardless of workers' locations. This level of collaboration works among your teams and with customers, vendors, and business partners.

You can join a group chat in Teams, automate your approval process, create an online portal for your customers, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Improve Productivity with Dynamics 365

At Western Computer, our goal is to help you succeed. If you'd like to know more about Dynamics GP vs. Dynamics 365 for productivity, contact our Microsoft Dynamics experts, and let's start the conversation.

Watch our webinar, Transitioning from GP: Options for Migrating Your Legacy ERP to the Cloud.

From implementation to day-to-day operations, we tailor and support Microsoft Dynamics solutions that drive your business success.

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