Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central - Is It Time to Switch?

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As a Microsoft Dynamics GP user, you might be considering transitioning to cloud-based Dynamics 365 Business Central. The decision can be complex, so you’ll want to proceed with knowledge. Our team of experts at Western Computer is well-versed in the pros and cons of such a move and is ready to answer your questions:

Let’s start with the fundamental question: Do you have to move to the Cloud?

Will Microsoft Continue to Support Dynamics GP?

You may have heard rumors that Microsoft will stop supporting Dynamics GP. That’s not entirely true. Microsoft still actively supports Dynamics GP but will no longer invest in product growth. There will be no feature updates. Business technology continues to evolve and improve, and Microsoft will be spending its finances and resources on helping customers commit to the future with its latest offerings. But Microsoft partners won’t abandon their GP clients.

What Are the Advantages of Transitioning from Dynamics GP to Business Central?

Maybe your company began using Dynamics GP years ago, and it still meets many of your needs. Over the years, you may have installed modifications and customizations. Perhaps you have a lot of third-party add-ons. If it’s serving you well, that’s great. We always encourage clients to work with a trustworthy partner to help them explore all their options and costs—even if that means the best decision is not to move to D365 right away.

However, there are ways many GP users will benefit from Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Dimensional accounting 

    Growing companies often find themselves with a bloated chart of accounts in Dynamics GP that can be inefficient, ineffective, and inaccurate.  This is true, especially for accounting professionals. Dimensional accounting lets you create a clean, segmented, and simplified account chart that elevates your insight and reporting. Watch our OnDemand webinar on how dimensions work in Dynamics 365 BC. You’ll want to see it to appreciate how powerful this feature is.

  • Reporting

    Dimensions enable you to slice and dice your data virtually any way you want, making reporting more insightful and valuable. Seamless Power BI integration replaces spreadsheets, making it fast and easy to consolidate all your data and create visual dashboards tailored to any role.

  • Multi-entity management.

    As your company grows, Dynamics GP may require further customization or third-party add-ons to manage additional entities. Dynamics 365 BC can handle multiple entities, currencies, and languages—right out of the box.

  • No more concurrent users.

    Have you ever had to wait hours or days for someone to log out of GP so you could work with it? Then you know all about the frustration and delays that can cause. The Dynamics 365 BC license lets users access the system at any time, on any device, or even on multiple devices simultaneously. That’s another huge boost for productivity.

  • Flexibility.

    GP can be rigid and require workarounds to complete your tasks. Dynamics 365 BC is flexible, allowing you to create role-based processes and automated workflows. You can also create custom apps with Power Apps.

  • Outlook integration.

    Does your team use Outlook throughout the day? Dynamics 365 BC has unmatched integration with Outlook and a lot of embedded functionality. Efficiency and productivity increase when users don’t have to switch between windows and applications.

  • Flexible cloud options.

    Some GP clients are concerned that Dynamics 365 BC forces them to move to the Cloud. That is not the case. Western Computer can implement Dynamics 365BC in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid to fit your access and security requirements.

  • Automatic updates.

    A Dynamics 365 BC subscription will include all updates and enhancements installed for you. You will always have the latest version without additional fees,  effort on your part, or business interruption. Updates and upgrades are more difficult, time-consuming, costly, and disruptive with Dynamics GP, especially with complex customizations and third-party add-ons. With Dynamics 365 BC, the whole process is much smoother. Our technical specialists are happy to dive deeper into this subject with you.

  • Seamless integration.

    Dynamics 365 BC is built to integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft applications like Office 365, Power Platform apps, and a vast library of ISV applications available on Microsoft AppSource. Functionality is often embedded within the system rather than as a bolted-on application.

  • Scalability.

    Dynamics 365 BC’s subscription-based licensing makes it much easier for administrators to scale functionality and add or remove users. Choose the applications and licenses you need today, change them tomorrow, and quickly be up and running. Onboarding new users is also faster.

  • Mobility.

    Dynamics 365 BC is built for mobility across its applications, so granting secure, remote access to unified information is easier. Businesses with remote workers or field operations will find Dynamics 365 BC an excellent foundation for a more modern and flexible workplace.

You Have Options With Dynamics GP and 365 BC

We’ve touched on some of the benefits of moving from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 BC. We understand that such a move may require deliberation. Our team can help you assess your needs and examine the options, timing, and pricing that make the most sense for your business.

Additionally, Western Computer will help you and your team with change management, a critical factor in reducing fear and improving user adoption. Contact our experts at Western Computer to start the conversation.

Watch the video  Options for Migrating Your Legacy ERP to the Cloud.

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