Streamlined Migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central Online: Understanding Your Options

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With the end of mainstream support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV last year, it's crucial for businesses still using this ERP to transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central online. This brief guide outlines the key migration/upgrade strategies to simplify your move.

Like for Like

This strategy is best suited for businesses that have implemented light to moderate customizations in their Dynamics NAV system. It is primarily a technical upgrade and involves minimal training for users, enabling them to quickly adapt to new features in Dynamics 365 Business Central online. This approach is perfect for organizations that have established firm business processes and are looking for a migration process that is both short and cost-effective, typically staying below the $20,000 mark.


For organizations that have been using NAV or Business Central on-premises for a considerable period and are now encountering limitations, the re-envisioning upgrade is the ideal choice. This strategy involves not only upgrading your existing data and configurations but also addressing any gaps that have emerged in the software over time. A crucial aspect of this upgrade is the evaluation of which customizations are essential for your future operations and which can be left behind. As this approach allows businesses to re-imagine their ERP system from the ground up, it requires a more significant investment of time and budget but results in a fully optimized solution tailored to your current needs.


Organizations with heavily customized ERP systems, possibly with their in-house development teams, will find the re-implementation option most beneficial. This method takes a fresh approach, using the old NAV system essentially as a reference library. It enables the selective transfer of critical elements like opening balances, data, master data, and configurations. This option is particularly recommended for those who had to complete the original implementation by themselves and are now seeking a more refined and efficient system. The re-implementation offers a bespoke solution, reshaping the ERP to fit the current and future needs of the organization.

To make the transition more appealing, Microsoft is still offering the "Bridge to the Cloud 2" promotion until the end of 2024. This promotion offers a 40% discount on the standard commercial list price for upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central online. Additionally, it includes Dual Use Rights (DUR), providing increased flexibility for businesses during the transition period.

business central migration options

Determine the Ideal Business Central Migration Strategy for your Organization

Deciding the best approach for migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central Online can be a pivotal decision for your organization. Whether you choose a "Like for Like" upgrade, a "Re-Envisioning" upgrade, or a complete "Re-Implementation," each path offers unique benefits tailored to different organizational needs and complexities. The choice depends on your current ERP setup, the level of customization you require, and the goals you aim to achieve with the new system.

As you embark on this journey, remember that thorough planning and understanding of your organization's specific requirements are key to a successful migration. There are various resources available to assist in this process, including webinars, migration guides, and expert consultations.

Ultimately, the upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central online not only modernizes your ERP system but also positions your business to take advantage of the latest innovations in business technology. By carefully considering your migration strategy, you can ensure a smooth transition that aligns with your business objectives and future-proofs your operations. Get in touch with Dynamics 365 experts at EFOQUS for any queries!

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