Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing Decreases Order Processing Time and Improves Production

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Glass bottles in a laboratory, which are some of the products that Heathrow Scientific produces.

Founded in 1996, Heathrow Scientific has been at the forefront of manufacturing innovative laboratory equipment. Their products are essential in various sectors, including life sciences, clinical applications, and academic research. The company is known for its commitment to improving productivity and functionality in laboratory settings.

However, their legacy ERP system was presenting roadblocks to their continued growth, as you’ll see.

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The Challenge

Heathrow Scientific was operating on Dynamics NAV, an older ERP system nearing the end of its support life. This posed several challenges:

  • The aging system raised concerns about security, especially with the connected warehouse management system.
  • Customizing the ERP to keep pace with the company’s growth was becoming increasingly cumbersome and labor-intensive.
  • There was a pressing need to enhance support for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connections and integration with third-party applications, which would reduce manual data entry and improve process efficiency.

The Solution With Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

In seeking a more robust and flexible solution, Heathrow Scientific chose Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud for several reasons:

  • Cloud-Based Flexibility: Running ERP in the cloud, as opposed to on-premises, allows for easier modifications and updates, helping Heathrow stay current with the latest technologies without costly upgrades.
  • Integration Capabilities: Business Central offers better integration with various applications, streamlining processes across the organization.
  • Support for Growth: The system supports the addition of acquired companies under the same ERP umbrella, facilitating future expansion without significant disruptions.

The Benefits: Tangible Improvements with Dynamics 365 Business Central

The implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud at Heathrow Scientific resulted in numerous operational improvements and efficiencies. The benefits demonstrate the powerful impact of the new ERP system on the company’s day-to-day operations and long-term strategy. Here are some of the positive outcomes that Heathrow Scientific experienced:

  • Reduced Order Processing Time: One of the most significant improvements was the 20% reduction in order processing time. This efficiency gain is largely due to the automated workflows and streamlined data entry processes enabled by Business Central. Faster order processing not only enhances customer satisfaction by speeding up delivery times but also increases the throughput of orders that can be handled by their team.
  • Increased Production Capacity: With the new system, Heathrow Scientific saw a 15% increase in production capacity without hiring additional staff. This increase is attributed to more efficient resource management and scheduling capabilities within Business Central, allowing the company to leverage its existing assets and labor more effectively.
  • Enhanced Data Accuracy and Reporting: Using Microsoft Power BI to analyze and visualize business data in Dynamics 365 Business Central has greatly improved the company’s reporting capabilities. Accurate real-time data is crucial for making informed decisions, and with enhanced data integrity, the company can trust its reports and analyses. This leads to better strategic planning and less time spent on correcting data-related errors.
  • Visibility into Inventory and Supply Chain: The cloud ERP system provides comprehensive visibility into inventory levels and supply chain operations, enabling Heathrow Scientific to respond promptly to stock needs and manage supply chain relationships more effectively. Real-time inventory updates help prevent overstocking and stockouts, optimize inventory levels and reduce holding costs.
  • Automated Error Detection in Order Processing: Business Central has automated the detection of errors in customer orders, such as incorrect item quantities, pricing discrepancies, or duplicate entries. This automation helps to prevent order fulfillment errors before they occur, reducing the time and cost associated with returns and reprocessing.
  • Improved Customer Service: The system enhancements have also positively impacted the customer service department. The ease of access to accurate inventory and order status information allows customer service representatives to provide quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries, improving the overall customer experience.

These benefits collectively highlight how Dynamics 365 Business Central has transformed the operational landscape at Heathrow Scientific. By addressing the specific challenges of an aging ERP system and leveraging the capabilities of a modern cloud-based solution, the company has not only increased efficiency but also positioned itself for future growth and success.

Get Dynamics Business Central from an Experienced Microsoft Partner

To ensure a seamless transition and optimal utilization of Dynamics 365 Business Central, it is crucial to partner with experienced providers. Western Computer, with deep industry expertise, proved to be an invaluable partner for Heathrow Scientific. We not only facilitated a smooth migration but also ensured that the ERP system was tailored to meet their specific needs.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits that Business Central brought to Heathrow Scientific, take a look at the full case study.

If your organization is looking to improve efficiency and prepare for future growth, consider Dynamics 365 Business Central as your ERP solution. Contact Western Computer to learn how we can help!


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