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MagiCapture by Fidesic is AI-powered optical character recognition software designed specifically for processing vendor invoices. This technology in commonly referred to as data capture or image capture technology.

MagiCapture is the next evolution of invoice data capture. It works the way human data entry professional works. It can take any invoice that is legible to the human eye, whether the invoice is paper-based, PDF, email or other, and convert the image into editable digital data.

MagiCapture automatically inputs data into the appropriate fields in your accounting software for faster invoice processing with fewer errors.

See a demo of MagiCapture in action : Request a MagiCapture Demo

Who is MagiCapture for?

MagiCapture was designed with accounts payable professionals in mind and was built to work inside Microsoft Dynamics GP and D365 Business Central. While MagiCapture can work for accounts payable pros in almost any industry, it is ideally suited for service-based organizations with multiple locations and/or entities.

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How Can MagiCapture help Improve Corporate Accounting?

Hiring accounting clerks in todays job market is proven to be difficult. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a sharp decline in candidates for accounting clerk jobs. MagiCapture can replace the need for clerks in accounts payable.

With advanced machine learning technology MagiCapture inputs 96% of invoices without ever needing a human touch point. All you have to do is approve, the software takes care of the, saving huge amounts of time and money.

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