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Recording below. Staying informed about what other organizations are doing with Dynamics GP empowers you to optimize your ERP investment, drive innovation, mitigate risks, and make strategic decisions aligned with industry trends and best practices. Our team at GP Support North believes that it's important for clients to make informed decisions based on data and proof points. Reports and benchmarking can be a great input to complement your analysis as you build a business case for staying on GP or moving to the cloud.

Our GP Support North team can help perform an analysis as part of an onboarding effort for our support desk. To complement these efforts, our team is pleased to share the results of a 3rd party survey from one of our approved ISV partners.

Future of Dynamics GP image for April 2024

At the end of 2023, ActivReporter conducted its 2nd annual survey, delving into the future of Dynamics GP. The findings from this survey shed light on client sentiments, perceptions of the Dynamics GP roadmap, and the system's longevity.
In light of these findings, we invite you to join us for the upcoming webinar – "2024 Report on the FUTURE of Dynamics GP from ActivReporter."

UPDATED: Webinar was held Tuesday, April 30th, 2024 (RECORDING AT the BOTTOM),

Invite: This webinar promises to deliver deeper insights from the survey, accompanied by a short demo of ActivReporter for GP reporting. Attendees will receive the complete 2024 Report on the Future of Dynamics GP, aiding in their education and business case for staying on Dynamics GP or considering cloud ERP applications.

Register today:

Recording at the bottom of 

With a commitment to long-term success, GP Support North, in collaboration with ActivReporter, provides actionable insights for clients navigating their ERP journey. The survey, comprising responses from 149 GP users, serves as a compass guiding businesses through their strategic decisions.

  • One key takeaway from the survey is the resounding vote of confidence in the Dynamics GP platform. Clients expressed optimism about its future trajectory, citing its robust functionality and reliability as driving factors. This sentiment underscores the enduring value that Dynamics GP brings to businesses, instilling trust in its continued relevance.
  • Furthermore, the survey summarizes clients' current status and future plans regarding Dynamics GP. It revealed a diverse spectrum of usage scenarios, ranging from leveraging the platform's core functionalities to exploring advanced features for enhanced efficiency. Despite the evolving technological landscape, many clients expressed a steadfast commitment to Dynamics GP, emphasizing its integral role in their operational framework.

As businesses chart their course forward, the insights collected from the survey serve as invaluable guidance. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of client sentiments and market trends, organizations can make informed decisions regarding their ERP strategy. GP Support North is here to put your interests first, whether it's staying the course with Dynamics GP or exploring alternative solutions like Microsoft Business Central.

Depending on how the insights are shared, our team may or may not post the recording. Thus it is recommended that you attend this live session to be sure to gather the information firsthand. For those who attend, our team will email you a copy of the full report from ActivReporter.

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