How to Build a Chat Bot for Your Website in Just a Few Clicks

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How to build an AI powered chat bot for your website in just a few clicks using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

Check out this tutorial from Fidesic's product manager Kevin Pritchard. This content has almost nothing to do with what Fidesic does, but Kevin has become our resident AI expert since bringing our AI data capture solution, MagiCapture, to market. We thought it would be a great idea for him to share some of that hard earned expertise with the channel.

The subject of building an AI powered chatbot for your website is something we figured everyone in the channel would find interesting including, VARs, ISVs and users. Hope you find it helpful.

What is Microsoft Virtual Agent?

Power Virtual Agents enable anyone in your organization to create AI-powered bots that can chat with users about specific topics. Your bots can answer routine questions, resolve common issues, or automate tasks that take up valuable customer or employee time.

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