FYIsoft Financial Reporting Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC:  A Success Story

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Built on Microsoft technology, FYIsoft reporting, analytics, and budgeting solutions provide a pain-free migration path for businesses seeking cloud-based financial reporting. Through an easy integration with any Dynamics ERP, FYIsoft is similar to Management Reporter but brings additional automation power for multi-entity consolidations, report distribution, and more.

The Financial Reporting Challenge

Sprenger Health Care Systems provides rehabilitation, long-term nursing, assisted living, memory care, and hospice services. Financial reporting for Sprenger's eighty entities is complex, so financial reporting was a priority when moving to Dynamics 365 Business Central. The finance team was familiar with Microsoft's management reporter, but that legacy product is unavailable in the cloud. The search was on for a better solution.

The Solution

Brandon Malanowki, Controller for Sprenger Health Care Systems, said, "The minute I saw a demo of ReportFYI, I knew we could begin using it right away. The functionality was so similar to Management Reporter. Some additional features make reporting even easier, so there was a slight learning curve. But we could begin creating our initial reports immediately."

Fortunately, the finance team didn't have to recreate all its reports, thanks to FYIsoft's unique report conversion tool. The software converts existing Management Reporter (or FRx) reports into FYIsoft's financial reporting format.

Improved Financial Reporting with Dynamics 365 BC

Beyond having a familiar report structure, ReportFYI is more powerful than Management Reporter and has additional functionality.

Controller Malanowski said, "The most significant improvement we noticed was with the report generation process. With Management Reporter, there was still a lot of manual work after we ran reports. For example, we'd have to go into the report viewer system, print out PDFs and XLS statements, and email or send them to all our groups."

"With ReportFYI, we simply build all the reports and set up the packages based on use, who has access to each, formatting, adding names, etc. It's just a click of a button to create and send everything."

FYIsoft's Automated Report Conversion Process in Dynamics BC

With ReportFYI, financial report conversion is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. The customer uploads a backup of existing financial report files and relevant GL tables to FYIsoft's secure site.
  2. Our conversion tool automatically maps existing MR building blocks to FYIsoft report components and generates new reports within ReportFYI.
  3. The customer reviews the new reports and collaborates with FYIsoft to make any necessary corrections.

Cloud Financial Reporting for Dynamics 365 BC 

FYIsoft's financial reporting software is natively built on Microsoft technologies and designed to automate complex reporting for Dynamics customers. With all the benefits of the cloud, unlimited scalability, and a familiar "rows, columns, trees" structure, FYIsoft is the easiest migration path for Microsoft users. ReportsFYI can reduce reporting time by 50% or more.

A Fully Integrated Financial Reporting Suite

If you are ready to gain time-saving automation with an integrated financial reporting, analytics, and budgeting solution, contact our experts at FYIsoft today.

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