Food Safety Supply Chain Innovations with VicinityFood and Dynamics 365 BC

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The importance of food safety cannot be overstated. Nearly half a million people die each year from foodborne illnesses, many of them preventable. Industry leaders are striving to ensure that everyone along the supply chain has access to the most cutting-edge technology and innovations in food safety. MediaPlanetUSA's campaign informs readers about recent developments in the food industry and the organizations protecting food safety.

MediaPlanet's Campaign

MediaPlanet partnered with chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay and technology leaders for the MediaPlanetUSA Food Safety Campaign to highlight cutting-edge developments in food safety technology.

The campaign was distributed through USA TODAY and published online. You can find it here: Read about the food safety campaign.

 VicinityFood is a comprehensive, scalable food ERP and MRP software system designed for food & beverage manufacturers and other process manufacturers. Our flexible system allows you to integrate the many parts of your business, improve your operations, track shelf life, make better food, and drive the sustainable growth you want. VicinityFood is proud to be part of MediaPlanetUSA's food safety campaign.

Vicinity Software's Participation in the Food Safety Campaign

Vicinity's CEO and founder, Randy Smith, participated in the campaign and discussed how new technology helps food suppliers overcome challenges and ensure product safety. Here are some of the questions he answered:

What are the significant challenges facing the food industry today?

One is, without doubt, Lot traceability. It's a legal requirement and a powerful selling tool for food manufacturers. Manufacturers that can quickly and electronically identify the source of quality issues and any affected products have a considerable advantage over those tracking the same data manually.

How does technology innovate the supply chain?

Everything from inventory management, centralized food safety control software, QC test consistency and reporting, and traceability and lot recall can use technology to improve operations. For example, data from these operations helps predict issues or diagnose occurring issues faster. That will limit consumer exposure to harmful products.

What's on the horizon for food safety technology?

It's crucial to be able to share information on food origination up and down the supply chain. Ingredient sources and handling processes are documented, and suppliers can share that data with those using the ingredients in further processes. QR codes, supplier portals, or other tracking mechanisms share this information.

Why VicinityFood for Food Safety?

VicinityFood is a food ERP software system that is flexible enough to manage your daily operations and handle different recipes and multiple batches. Vicinity's scalability makes it a top choice among chemical manufacturers, food producers, and brewers. It Integrates easily with key platforms—including Microsoft Dynamics—to deliver a comprehensive software solution that grows with your business. We have responsive technical support, expert business consultation, free resources, and a sales process that puts your needs first. We're more than a software company. We're a partner.

VicinityFood provides food and beverage manufacturers inventory accuracy to expedite your decision making, incorporates quality control testing to ensure product excellence and food safety, tracks finished goods to simplify your efforts, and much more.

VicinityFood for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC or Dynamics 365 F&SCM provides a scalable software solution and complete ERP system for formula-based food manufacturers.

Would you like to learn more about technology's role in ensuring food safety and how it can benefit your business? Contact our experts at Vicinity Software.

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