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Distributors know that satisfied repeat customers contribute significantly to their business's success. Among your customers, you likely have some who rate special attention. Perhaps 20% of your customers generate 80% of your profits. So it only makes sense to ensure you get their orders right every time. That’s where Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC (Business Central) can help.

Special Order” is a field you can add to your Sales Order screen. Special Order allows you to attach a customer’s order to a supplier purchase order to ensure specified inventory is set aside exclusively for that customer.

You can create a special order for a specific catalog item to be shipped to a specific customer. Your vendor ships the item to your warehouse, and you can then ship the item to your customer either independently or with other ordered items.

Special orders imply that the purchase and sales orders are linked to ensure that the specific catalog item is set aside expressly for that customer.

Allocating Items to a Special Customer 

Consider this scenario:  Company A is one of your top customers. Suppose they order 200 units of an item. You know that your inventory team recently ordered 600 units of that item, and they are expected to arrive in a couple of days. You can mark the 200 units as a Special Order, thereby giving your valued customer priority. When the items come in, 200 units are allocated automatically to Company A. Then you can alert your valued customer and let them know when the items will arrive.

In addition to ensuring you care for this important customer, the process in Dynamics 365 BC removes those 200 items from your available inventory. The items will not inadvertently be sold to another customer.

Enhancing Your Dynamics 365 BC Special Order Process

While automating the Special Order process, Dynamics 365 BC tracks all activity so that subsequent sales orders cannot access reserved items. In the example above, if all 600 items ordered were already allocated to another important customer, Business Central would prompt you to create a new purchase order against which to allocate the 200 additional items.

Perhaps you have set up a portal where your customers can order products. You can use the Microsoft Power Automate tool to automate the Special Order process also. You can designate certain customers as priority so that any time they order items not on hand, the system will automatically set up a Special Order hold on a supplier purchase order. As soon as the items arrive at your warehouse, you can forward them to the customer.

Traceability Within Dynamics 365 BC

Dynamics 365 BC also provides Special Order traceability. You can track orders as they make their way from your supplier to your warehouse and then to your customers. It’s a great way to ensure you’re doing all you can for your valued customers.

Learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you continue to care for your most valued customers. Contact our Dynamics 365 BC experts at Western Computer. To learn how to set up the Special Order process, contact Western Computer today.

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