Dynamics 365 Add-on for Complex Construction Payroll

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Inflector Environmental Services, based in Ottawa, provides demolition and remediation services, dealing with hazardous materials like asbestos and lead. Operating in a specialized field with offices across Canada and multiple union affiliations, Inflector faced significant payroll management challenges. Their rapid growth and the complexity of their workforce requirements demanded a robust solution to handle their payroll needs.

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The Challenge: Legacy Payroll Solution Can’t Keep Up

As Inflector Environmental Services expanded, their existing payroll system based on Sage 50 became increasingly inadequate. Initially designed to handle simpler payroll tasks for smaller teams, the system struggled to manage the growing complexity of Inflector’s needs. The company’s expansion brought unique challenges due to its diverse workforce, which included employees from various unions each with different rules and requirements. Here are some of the problems Inflector faced:

  • Limited Scalability: As the workforce grew past 100 employees, Sage 50 could not keep pace with the demands of managing multi-union, multi-location payroll setups.
  • Persistent Payroll Errors: The system frequently made errors in calculating dues and benefits according to union rules, which are often very specific and vary greatly by location and union agreement.
  • Manual Interventions: The lack of automation and flexibility in Sage 50 forced the payroll team to spend excessive amounts of time manually correcting entries and ensuring compliance with different regional union rules.
  • Operational Strain: With only a three-person team handling all payroll and accounting tasks, the frequent discrepancies and the need for manual corrections placed a heavy burden on the team.
  • Employee Dissatisfaction and Trust Issues: The ongoing payroll issues led to dissatisfaction among employees, who frequently found mistakes in their paychecks.

This slew of challenges underscored the need for a more robust, flexible, and scalable solution capable of handling the complexities of a large, dispersed workforce.

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The Payroll Solution: Criterion HCM with Dynamics 365

Recognizing the limitations of their previous system, Inflector Environmental Services decided to overhaul their payroll and HR systems to better manage their complex and growing needs. They chose to integrate Criterion HCM with their newly adopted Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system, creating a robust and cohesive solution that addressed their specific challenges. Here are a few reasons why Criterion and Dynamics 365 were the right fit:

  • Advanced Customization and Flexibility: Criterion HCM stood out for its flexible configuration, allowing it to handle Inflector’s multi-union, multi-location payroll setup effortlessly. The system could accommodate the varying dues and regulations of different unions, which was critical for maintaining compliance and accuracy in payroll processing.
  • Seamless Integration with Dynamics 365: The integration of Criterion HCM with Dynamics 365 created a unified platform for managing not just payroll and HR processes, but also project management and accounting. This integration ensured data consistency across all departments, enhancing reliability and efficiency.
  • Automation of Complex Payroll Tasks: Criterion’s solution automated many of the payroll tasks that were previously done manually, significantly reducing the occurrence of errors. This automation extended to handling union-specific requirements, which had been a major source of the previous system’s failures.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Visibility: With Dynamics 365 and Criterion working in tandem, Inflector could leverage their data to track employee hours, project costs, and payroll expenses, which could be easily reported and analyzed through the integrated system.
  • Streamlined User Experience: Despite the sophisticated backend processes, the user interface of the combined systems was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. This was particularly beneficial for Inflector’s payroll team, who needed a system that could simplify their day-to-day operations without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

This solution not only solved the immediate payroll issues but also positioned Inflector for future growth. By choosing Criterion and Dynamics 365, Inflector was able to implement a solution that met their complex needs today and offered scalability for tomorrow.

Criterion HCM Helps Businesses with Dynamics 365 Handle Complex Payroll Needs

Inflector’s adoption of Criterion HCM and Dynamics 365 was a transformative change in how the company manages its complex payroll and HR needs. This integration has not only improved efficiency but has also bolstered employee trust in the payroll system. For companies facing similar challenges, Inflector’s experience serves as a compelling example of how the right technology can make a significant difference.

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