Case: How to effortlessly import supplier Excel files in BC without manipulation

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Addressing key challenges

One of the key challenges faced by Succeed IT's clients was the time-consuming task of maintaining accurate pricing and item information within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS. Nowadays suppliers are updating their prices and catalogues almost bi-weekly. On top of that, suppliers use many different Excel formats to deliver this information to their distributors. To address these challenges, SucceedIT turned to Dynavision’s Advanced Item & Price Import app, recognizing its potential to facilitate and automate the import process of supplier Excel files.

Leadership in action

Leading the charge was Matthijs Schimmel, a skilled consultant at SucceedIT, whose expertise and proactive approach were instrumental in the success of the project. Leveraging his deep understanding of both the client’s needs and the capabilities of Dynavision’s solution, Matthijs took on the task of testing, demonstrating, and implementing the app at the end-customer project

What sets this case apart is Matthijs’ autonomy and proficiency in executing the implementation without requiring direct assistance from Dynavision. This achievement speaks not only to Matthijs’ capabilities as a consultant but also to the user-friendly design of Dynavision’s apps, which facilitated a smooth and seamless integration process.

About Dynavision Advanced Item & Price Import

There’s no need to ask your vendors to provide data in a custom format (e.g. to use RapidStart), neither to do in-between file conversion / data mapping / transformation using external tools or to setup complex Data Exchange Definitions. Easily import Item catalogs, vendor price lists, … in the original format received from your suppliers.

The Dynavision Advanced Item & Price import app allows you to import Excel or csv files containing item or (purchase) price information immediately into Business Central without the need to manipulate the source file. The app supports a wide variety of Excel files, including support for (a mix of) : single header, multiple worksheets, multiple headers, multiple groups, multiple details  and more. Check out the product demo here.

Tangible benefits

The successful deployment of Dynavision’s Advanced Item & Price Import app brought tangible benefits to the client, including increased efficiency, accuracy, and all while staying in a full Busines Central SaaS mode. This case exemplifies SucceedIT’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions and driving positive outcomes for its clientele through strategic partnerships and the expertise of its consultants.

Happy consultant = happy customer

The Advanced Item & Price Import provides the precise functionalities required by Tuincentrum De Bosrand. Its seamless integration and comprehensive documentation facilitated swift implementation by SucceedIT and fluent testing by end-users.

Thus far, we haven’t required any product support; familiarity with Business Central allows for rapid acclimatization to this application.

Matthijs Schimmel, Business Central Consultant

About Tuincentrum De Bosrand

With five garden centers located throughout the Netherlands, the inviting stores of De Bosrand serve as spaces where they eagerly share their passion for all aspects of home, garden and pet care. Lead by six siblings and a team of over 500 employees, the innovative organization has become a leading family business in the sector.

About SucceedIT

SucceedIT, a well-known and respected Dutch Business Central partner renowned for its expertise and customer-centric approach, recently forged a strategic partnership with Dynavision, a leading provider of integrated add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS focused on wholesale, distribution, retail and drinks verticals. With the implementation of the Advanced Item & Price Import app at Tuincentrum De Bosrand, the cooperation got off to a wonderful start!

About Dynavision

Dynavision is a Belgium based ISV focused on Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS. Dynavision has created a SaaS app portfolio, consisting of over 25 apps focused on distribution, wholesale, trade, retail and drinks verticals.

Our app portfolio is currently being used by Business Central partners in over ten countries such as the USA, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, UK, Germany, … The partners are supported by a team of twelve Business Central enthusiasts that are working on the app portfolio on a daily basis.

Dynavision aims to support Business Central partner in implementing full SaaS projects through the use of our vast app portfolio, making customizations almost completely obsolete.

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