Can You Get Microsoft Dynamics GP To Do More?

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Picture this: a serene breakfast at a luxurious resort in California. An informal chat with a finance director changes his entire view of Microsoft Dynamics GP. This story goes beyond mere narration. It demonstrates the profound influence of executive process evaluations. This topic resonates with us at DLD Business Solutions.

The Conversation That Sparked Change

Dynamics GP Process ReviewLet's go back eight years to a bustling breakfast scene in California. I sat at the table with a finance director overseeing several libraries. He was new in his role and expressed frustration with their financial software. That piqued my curiosity. It made me ask questions about the software, only to discover that he was referring to Microsoft Dynamics GP. As the director outlined various challenges, I offered insights and solutions, drawing from my expertise as a Microsoft GP partner. What began as a casual exchange left the finance director feeling less frustrated. A few months later, the director reached out, expressing dissatisfaction with their current Dynamics GP partner’s training options. This marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. After receiving training and assistance from our team, the director and his team unlocked the full potential of Dynamics GP. That laid the groundwork for a long-lasting partnership.

Now, you may wonder, why am I telling this story?

Unveil Opportunities With A Dynamics GP Process Review

At DLD Business Solutions, we're not content with surface-level evaluations. We specialize in delving deep into Dynamics GP with our process reviews. Our process reviews uncover the core of how businesses utilize their GP solution. Our approach involves more than just conversations with the company's leaders. It includes:

  • Engaging directly with power users to understand their experiences and challenges. They are the key individuals as they use the solution every day.
  • Collaborating with executives to align business objectives with the capabilities of Dynamics GP.
  • Offering tailored solutions ranging from training sessions to streamlining manual processes for automation within Dynamics GP.

In a recent engagement with one of our corporate clients, we cataloged their existing processes and their use of Dynamics GP. This careful documentation served as a blueprint for progress. What set this initiative apart was our ranking system. It sorted changes into "low-hanging fruit" – quick wins that require little time and resources. Larger changes contrasted with smaller ones, requiring time, effort, and investment. It could involve adding modules or utilizing reporting tools. The outcome was like a customized roadmap. It provided the client with the opportunity to address current challenges. It also helped them to prepare for what was ahead. We avoid one-size-fits-all. Instead, we tailor solutions to meet each client's needs and constraints.

Changing User Experiences and Maximizing Efficiency

Our executive reviews involve insightful discussions with both leaders and power users. Direct engagement with those navigating Dynamics GP provides invaluable perspectives. We investigate weaknesses, manual processes, and GP complaints. They are fertile areas for improvement. This open conversation allows us to tailor our advice and solutions. It helps us find and address the problem areas. A good example is a corporate client we recently assisted. Their inability to close outstanding receivables to history had led them into a performance trap. During our process review, we found this issue and provided a fast solution, changing their experience with Dynamics GP completely.

Empowerment With Process Reviews

If you use Microsoft Dynamics GP but have not had a recent review, you may miss out on ways to grow and save time. At DLD Business Solutions, we promote the universal applicability of such evaluations for all Dynamics GP users. Our accessible attitude encourages power users to express their concerns.

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Discover how we can empower you to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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It's not just about what Dynamics GP can do. It's about what it can help you achieve.

Rest assured that at DLD Business Solutions, integrity is not just an idea we discuss—it permeates every aspect of our business. Contact DLD Business Solutions today to start the conversation, and spark change for your business.

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