Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC for Cloud ERP

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As your business grows, your ERP system may reveal some growing pains. Perhaps it's unable to keep up with your changing needs or technological advances. New features and functionality are available to those who take advantage of a Cloud ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

If you're using on-premises ERP, you may not realize the benefits of a cloud-based solution. For starters, you can give your teams the tools for increased productivity through improved processes and more efficient workflows. You can continue to grow without increasing employee headcount.

New ERP features and functions are continually being added. With on-premises ERP, it may take up to three years before an updated version appears. With ERP in the Cloud, you can tap into new functionality instantly. Also, it's often a challenge to integrate older on-premises systems with the latest technologies.

Users of the Dynamics on-premises ERP solutions (NAV, GP, SL, AX, or Business Central) can overcome these challenges by moving to Dynamics 365 BC in the Cloud.

Cloud ERP Beats On-Premises ERP

In addition to the latest functionality, cloud-based Dynamics 365 BC offers significant benefits. The twice-yearly updates automatically upload to your cloud platform for immediate access.

Your teams can continually improve their efficiency and reduce their time on tasks. Microsoft applies application bug fixes automatically throughout the year, with bi-annual feature and function updates. Users won't waste time using workarounds to get their jobs done.

IT teams must download and apply patches manually for on-premises systems. That could take a while, costing you money and your users time and efficiency.

Dynamics Cloud ERP for Enhanced Capabilities 

The Azure cloud environment streamlines integration between Dynamics 365 BC and other applications in the Microsoft tech stack. Users can take advantage of unavailable tools and functions with on-premises Dynamics versions.

Microsoft Teams integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Employees can spend their entire day working in Microsoft Teams, communicating internally and with customers. They can view and edit Dynamics 365 Business Central data and run ERP processes without ever leaving Teams.

Also, with the Cloud, they will have access to the AI capabilities of Microsoft Copilot. That will allow them, for example, to automate bank reconciliations. Inventory-centric businesses can use Copilot for AI-powered writing assistance, authoring marketing text (product descriptions) on items sold in online stores like Shopify. With a mouse click, Copilot can generate engaging and creative text highlighting a specific item's key attributes. With a bit of reviewing and editing, it's ready for publication.

Improved Application Performance in Dynamics 365

Along with the enhanced features and functionality of Cloud ERP, users get a productivity boost from application performance. Microsoft is constantly improving Dynamics 365 Business Central's screen loading time, transaction processing time, and report generation speed.

With the cloud, as your business grows and the demands on your ERP system increase, your hardware computing resources automatically scale. CPUs, memory, and storage all increase to handle transaction volume—no more sluggish application response times.

An on-premises solution can't handle the growth unless you deploy additional hardware or upgrade your ERP system. Meanwhile, users must deal with the frustration of slower application performance. Their efficiency level will fail to keep pace with your growth.

The cloud will also give your ERP system greater resiliency. If a hardware component fails or a power outage or natural disaster impacts a Microsoft data center, your IT infrastructure will be protected and automatically switched to another data center.

Cloud ERP For Added Security

Providing the latest security controls for on-premises ERP solutions requires significant expertise and ongoing investment in cybersecurity tools.

However, Microsoft continuously updates security controls and patches in the cloud to protect the Azure environment that hosts Dynamics 365 BC. Your application and the data you store run in a world-class data center staffed by senior security specialists who ensure advanced cybersecurity defenses.

You'll protect your organization's digital assets while providing your employees security for their user accounts and devices. Set everyone's mind at ease by ensuring they won't be compromised with ransomware or CryptoLocker or have any sensitive data stolen.

Increased Productivity from Dynamics 365

When you migrate your on-premises Dynamics ERP platform to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, you'll give your end-users an immersive Microsoft experience. They will run internal processes faster and quickly access data in any application. They'll also increase their productivity and respond more effectively to customer needs.

Move to the Cloud

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