How to Set Default Reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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You can set up default forms or reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Search for Report Selection in Business Central. You’ll see the various functional areas where you can define the default reports. Sales and Purchase are the two main areas that you generally update - it could be an invoice or a purchase order or a sales order form.

If you click on Report Selection - Sales, you’ll see all the different reports in the sales module. Select Invoice. It will show you the default used for a sales invoice for a customer. You can change the Report ID if needed.

Default Reports

If you search for Report Selection – Purchase, it will show you the purchase order under Order. This is a global default.

Within each vendor and customer record, you can set a customer specific report. Go to Customer list or Vendor List > Select Customer or Vendor > Document Layouts. Here you can define a different report for that specific customer. You can pick one of the custom report layouts for that customer by clicking on Custom Layout Description. Add the Send to Email address if you plan to send it directly from Business Central.

For details on how to customize report layouts, read this blog post.

If your default report has several different custom layouts, you can define which custom layout should be the default one by going to Report Layout Selection. For example: Go to Report Layout Selection and then Search for Sales - Invoice with Report ID 1306. You can pick either the out-of-the-box word layouts or a custom layout and it will ask you which layout you want to use for that particular report.

When you run a report, under Report Layout, you have the option of picking a different layout at runtime if needed. To learn more about Business Central, contact us today!

- By Jason Ochipa, Tensoft, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner

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