What Happened to My Bill(.com) Integration for Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

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Beginning December 1, 2023, Bill.com has ended support for direct sync with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains).The company says it made the decision based on Microsoft’s current Dynamics GP roadmap. The company said it will focus its resources on Business Central moving forward.
“Microsoft recently announced that Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (MSD GP) version 18.5 will be the last release with major new features, and that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (MSD BC) will be their focus for new features and investments," said a Bill.com statement. "Given this news, we would no longer be able to support our MSD GP customers at the high level of service excellence that we hold ourselves accountable to.”

Read more about Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains End of Life - GP Updates and Roadmap »

What does this mean for GP customers with Bill.com Integration?

Dynamics GP customers are only able to integrate Bill.com using a flat-file based data integration for batch posting.

What are the options for GP customers?

  • Continue using Bill.com with a clunkier integration
  • Upgrade to a whole new ERP solution to continue using Bill
  • Upgrade to a better AP solution with native integration to Dynamics GP and Business Central

Fidesic’s Commitment to Microsoft Dynamics GP

At Fidesic we are proud to say we are committed to supporting our solution as long as the GP user base is there to use it. Read our GP Commitment Statement »

Fidesic is committed to providing Dynamics GP users with the latest accounts payable tools that are designed to improve business operations and drive growth. GP is not known for being particularly good at built-in invoice processing, especially in today’s automated world. Our AI Powered automation solutions can help GP-powered businesses save time, reduce errors, and increase visibility into their financial operations.

"We will continue improving our GP solutions as long as GP exists," said Kevin Pritchard, Head Product  Manager at Fidesic. "We understand the challenges that come with reimplementing ERP and the common need to keep making GP better into the future. We are committed to providing Dynamics GP users with the tools they need to succeed in today's digital world."

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