A Wine Producer Benefits from Moving to the Cloud with Dynamics 365BC and 365WineTrade

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Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions have always been front runners; even legacy versions wear their age well. However, as technology advances, maintaining integrations with new or updated applications can be a challenge. If your operations depend on third-party apps, you probably have had to create custom workflows to keep things going—especially as your system approaches its end-of-support date.

Crimson Wine Group, which has a vine-to-bottle portfolio including seven vineyards and wineries, faced such a challenge. The organization previously relied on a legacy version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. They had customized their solution for the wine industry, adding a third-party AP workflow tool and tools for budgeting, forecasting, bulk wine management, and workflow automation.

A Good Time to Consider the Cloud and 365WineTrade

As the years passed, Crimson Wine Group considered upgrading their on-premises Dynamics NAV to a newer version. However, they would have to wait three years for an on-premises upgrade. The management team wondered if this might be the time to migrate their ERP to the Cloud. One benefit of Microsoft Dynamics cloud-based ERP is that new functionality is released regularly and is instantly available without the interruption of continual updates.

Once they considered the advantages of cloud-based ERP, the company consulted the Amican Group, which specializes in ERP solutions for the wine industry. Amican recommended that Crimson Wine Group deploy Western Computer’s 365WineTrade ERP solution. 365WineTrade is designed to automate and connect all the areas of a wine and spirits business.

365WineTrade by Western Computer is powerful business software that runs on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) in the Cloud. Designed specifically for the wine and spirits industry, the solution enables wine and spirits distributors and wineries to automate and connect all aspects of their businesses. Features include tools and workflows for managing supply chain, distribution, finances, purchasing, sales, inventory, direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales, and more, all within Dynamics 365 BC.

User-friendly, Always Up-to-date and Available

Because Crimson Wine Group migrated from Dynamics NAV to another Dynamics platform solution, there was very little change from a workflow perspective. The transition was smooth and easy for users already familiar with the platform and other Microsoft tools.

Moving from an on-premises to a cloud-based ERP improved access for employees working remotely. Team members can quickly access their ERP data because it is all stored in the Cloud. Whether working at one of the seven wineries, from home, or while traveling, anywhere there is internet access, everyone can be productive.

With 365WineTrade running in the Cloud, Crimson Wine Group has a constantly updated system without investing in hardware deployment and support. They also have streamlined finished goods processes for managing inventory and costing.

A Smooth Migration and Seamless Integration

Dynamics 365 BC and 365WineTrade integrate seamlessly with the third-party apps that the company uses. Crimson Wine Group has automated bank reconciliations and payment journals. Management can more easily generate reports for accounting data analysis. Additionally, the solution enables adding new customer payment and reservation capabilities to the company’s e-commerce platform.

A Satisfied Client

So, what does Crimson Wine Group think of their new cloud-based solution? Here’s what Kimberly Benson, Vice President of Finance, told us:

“We were at an impasse with our data integrations on the legacy system and were facing a cliff. 365WineTrade allows those integrations to persist and streamlines workflow approvals, which improves our business efficiency and transparency. I’ve been involved in five ERP implementations throughout my career, and the deployment of 365WineTrade was by far the smoothest.”

To learn more about Crimson Wine Group’s improved operational efficiency and accelerated new feature rollouts with 365WineTrade, read the complete success story. And to find out how we can deliver the same benefits to your company, contact our experts at Western Computer today.

By Western Computer, www.westerncomputer.com

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