6 Ways Capture Credit Card Payments in Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Small and mid-size businesses often struggle to compete with larger corporations due to limited resources and capabilities. However, Red Maple Advanced Credit Cards for Business Central was designed to level the playing field for smaller organizations, delivering the performance, flexibility, and efficiencies previously reserved for the big players.

Let’s explore how this powerful solution can transform your business operations, making your enterprise more competitive, efficient, and secure.

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Challenges Small Businesses Face When Competing with Major Corporations

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are vital to the economy, creating the majority of jobs and contributing significantly to the GDP. Despite their importance, SMBs face several challenges that can hinder their growth and sustainability:

  • Competition: Larger corporations have more resources and market dominance, making it tough for SMBs to stand out.
  • Financial Management: Managing finances, including budgeting and cash flow, is complex and critical for growth. Securing the needed funding for operations and expansion is often challenging.
  • Talent Acquisition and Retention: Competing with larger companies for skilled employees is challenging due to their ability to offer more attractive compensation and benefits.
  • Scaling Operations: Effective scaling involves expanding your workforce, infrastructure, and supply chain, which can be daunting.
  • Technology Adoption: Keeping up with technological advancements without a dedicated IT department or ample budget is difficult.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating and complying with industry-specific regulations requires significant time and resources.

Introducing Red Maple Advanced Credit Cards for Microsoft BC

Red Maple Advanced Credit Cards for Business Central is a game-changer for SMBs, designed to address many of the challenges listed above. This Dynamics 365 BC integration enables small businesses to manage credit card transactions seamlessly, offering flexibility, reduced costs, and top-notch security. By equipping your business with industry-leading solutions, Red Maple ensures that SMBs can operate as efficiently and securely as any global corporation.

6 Ways Advanced Credit Cards for Business Central Empowers Your Business

The integration of Advanced Credit Cards for Business Central into your brings a number of advantages:

  1. Automated Payment Processing: Automatically apply payments to sales orders and invoices, saving time and reducing errors.
  2. 24/7 Customer Portal: CleverDivision™, our web-based, secure portal facilitates billing and payments around the clock, notifying customers of due and overdue invoices, which enhances customer service and cash flow.
  3. Processor and Bank Flexibility: Utilize existing relationships with processors or banks to save money and time, thanks to Red Maple’s multiple integrations.
  4. User-Friendly Setup: Get started in minutes with an assisted setup, allowing you to accept payments swiftly and efficiently.
  5. Complex Transaction Handling: Whether it’s B2B or B2C transactions, handle order-to-cash, as well as advanced scenarios like multi-card payments in e-Commerce, call center, or even card-not-present with ease.
  6. Streamlined Accounting Processes: Manage various accounting functions from one platform, including authorization capture and payment processing at shipment and invoice, automatic invoice settlements, and easy bank reconciliations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you’re wondering if our Advanced Credit Cards for Business Central solution is for you. Here are some common questions many businesses have asked:

  • Is my customer and business data safe with this product? Yes, the software is designed with security as a priority, complying with the strictest industry standards to protect your data.
  • Why choose Red Maple over other software companies? With over 15 years of experience providing software to Microsoft Dynamics customers and a deep understanding of Dynamics solutions, Red Maple has earned the trust of hundreds of businesses.
  • Can I use my own credit card processor? Red Maple supports multiple pre-integrated processors and gateways, allowing you to choose the best fit for your business.
  • Is the setup complicated? Not at all. The solution is designed for ease of use from the start, with a user-friendly setup wizard and a 24/7 customer portal for faster billing and payments. Download our app from Microsoft AppSource and follow the easy setup process.


Red Maple Advanced Credit Cards for Business Central offers small to medium-sized businesses a powerful tool to overcome traditional challenges and compete on an even playing field with larger corporations. By automating and streamlining financial transactions, enhancing customer service, and ensuring the security of data, this solution not only empowers your business but also positions it for sustainable growth and success.

Empower your business to run with the big dogs, and let Red Maple be your partner in achieving operational excellence and security.

To explore how Red Maple can transform your business operations and for more information on Advanced Credit Cards for Business Central, reach out to us today.


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