Why You Need Continued Customer Care After ERP Go-Live

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When it comes to implementing ERP software, insufficient support after go-live can really hold you back. Without sufficient post-implementation support, you’ll waste valuable time and resources and still end up not fully leveraging the software's potential to solve your problems. This significantly reduces your return on investment.

Why You Need Continued Customer Care Support Post ERP Go-Live

Transitioning to your new ERP system post-implementation can be daunting. Without proper support, shifting processes and workflows can lead to:

  • Costly production delays
  • Data entry and other end-user errors
  • Underutilization of your system

Effective technical support during the go-live phase is crucial for, resolving issues promptly and maintaining smooth operations.

Additionally, preparing and providing training for your team, both before and after launch, is essential but time-consuming and costly. You will also need to consider the cost of further customization or development tasks. Attempting to make these alterations in house would create a substantial burden your internal IT team. Outsourcing these tasks may take some of the weight off of your internal teams, but often require substantial monetary investment.

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What is the Kwixand Customer Care Program?

The Kwixand Customer Care Program provides extensive post-implementation support for technical issues and expert training specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP users. Upon completing an implementation with Kwixand, you are automatically enrolled in the foundational tier of the program, with the flexibility to enhance coverage or opt for hourly billing for support services. However, a fixed-fee support program offers substantial cost savings compared to hourly support billing.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of a Kwixand Customer Care Plan even if you did not use Kwixand as your implementation partner. If you use Business Central for your ERP, you can benefit from the industry-leading care delivered by Kwixand experts with a Customer Care Pro or Customer Care Premium plan.

What is Customer Care Pro?

Customer Care Pro is our foundational level of care and the primary plan used for automatic enrollment. This plan is designed to provide you with the comprehensive technical and training assistance you need to ensure the smooth operation of your ERP system, allowing you to leverage its full potential without disrupting to your daily operations. With a focus on smaller teams with limited customization needs, Customer Care Pro offers a range of benefits to optimize your experience:

  • Unlimited, on-demand support for any technical issues within your Business Central ERP solution.
  • Ensuring full system operability to access all necessary tools with minimal slowdown to operations.
  • Expert training assistance for teams of up to 5 licensed users to foster user adoption and confidence.
  • On-demand assistance throughout the life of your Customer Care contract.
  • Fixed pricing starting at $500 per month, billed annually.
  • Ideal for those seeking out-of-the-box functionality in Business Central or lacking sufficient support from other ERP implementation services.

With Customer Care Pro, you can rest easy knowing you have a reliable partner that is with you throughout your ERP implementation and beyond.

What is Customer Care Premium?

Customer Care Premium is tailored for users seeking greater customization and support beyond our foundational Pro plan. By upgrading to Customer Care Premium, you gain access to a range of enhanced benefits designed to meet your specific needs.

  • Unlimited, on-demand support for any technical issues within your Business Central ERP solution.
  • Unrestricted training eligibility for all end-users, including new team members.
  • 2 hours of prepaid consulting and/or development time each month, allowing for custom alterations to tailor your Business Central ERP solution.
  • Microsoft update monitoring and post-update customization alignment.
  • Annual solutions audits to guarantee you're utilizing the newest and best solutions.
  • Fixed pricing starting at $1,000 a month, billed annually.

These extended benefits make Customer Care Premium ideal for companies with complex processes, more than 5 licensed users, or planning to add new licensed users over time. Thanks to the fixed-fee structure of the plan, you also will see substantial cost savings. Some clients have reduced their support and development costs by over $1,000 a month with Customer Care Premium. Whether you're implementing, upgrading, or migrating to Business Central as your ERP solution, Customer Care Premium has you covered.

5 Benefits of a Kwixand Customer Care After ERP Go-Live

Unlocking the full potential of your ERP investment requires more than just implementing the right system. With Kwixand's Customer Care Plans, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of benefits designed to optimize your ERP operations. From minimizing downtime to boosting end-user adoption, enhancing system functionality, and reducing consulting and development costs, a Customer Care Plan serves as your gateway to smoother operations and heightened productivity.

1. Reduce Downtime with Customer Care After ERP Go-Live

With on-demand support, technical issues are swiftly resolved, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Our expert team troubleshoots errors and implements proactive measures to prevent disruptions. Keep your ERP systems running smoothly with a Kwixand Customer Care Plan.

2. Improve End-User Adoption with Customer Care After ERP Go-Live

At Kwixand, we recognize that successful ERP implementation hinges on user acceptance and utilization. That's why our plan offers tailored training and support to empower your team. With personalized guidance and ongoing assistance, we ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge and confidence needed to fully embrace your new ERP system. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and support, we boost end-user adoption, driving productivity and maximizing your ERP investment's value.

3. Enhance System Functionality with Customer Care After ERP Go-Live

With prepaid consulting and development hours included in your Customer Care Premium plan, you can tailor your ERP system to align with your evolving business requirements. Our team diligently identifies opportunities for enhancement and fine-tuning, ensuring your systems operate to their fullest. Whether it's custom configurations, performance optimizations, or implementing new features, we're committed to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your ERP solution meets your exact needs.

4. Minimize Consulting and Development Costs with Customer Care After ERP Go-Live

A standout benefit of the Kwixand Customer Care Premium plan is its cost-effectiveness. With 2 hours of prepaid consulting and development time each month, you are able to address customization needs and optimize your ERP systems without extra expenses. This proactive approach empowers you to make necessary adjustments and improvements within budget.

5. Automate Updates and Alignment to Save Time with Customer Care After ERP Go-Live

The Kwixand Customer Care Premium plan not only reduces consulting and development costs but also saves valuable time with automated updates and alignments. With a Premium plan, you'll receive yearly system audits to keep your ERP solution optimized for peak performance, freeing your team from manual maintenance tasks. By streamlining costs and time-consuming processes, Kwixand's Customer Care Premium plan empowers you to focus on driving your business forward while we handle the rest.

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Discover How You Can Benefit from Kwixand Customer Care After ERP Go-Live

Elevate your post-implementation experience with a Kwixand Customer Care Plan tailored specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP users. Explore how our proactive support and industry-specific approach can enhance your operations. Schedule a free consultation today to learn how our Customer Care Plan can optimize your ERP systems, boost productivity, and fuel growth for your business. Don't miss out on unleashing the full potential of your technology investment. Learn more about the Kwixand Customer Care Program page at Kwixand.com.

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