Simplifying Special Pricing & Chargeback for Wholesale Distributors

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                                      Effective Solution for Vendor Cost recovery

Boost profits and streamline Vendor cost recovery for long-term success

Industry data confirms that roughly half of the wholesale distributors' profits is now based on vendor cost recovery programs (SPA programs). These complex and dynamic programs must be well managed to be competitive and financially successful.

However, managing these SPA programs can be time consuming and tedious for the distributors. Often, they fail to track their claims, or have inefficient or inadequate systems to monitor the claims and settlements. Special Pricing & Chargeback Management for Microsoft D365 integrates the entire SPA program management cycle into a single solution that provides distributors with the efficient tools necessary to reduce manual touchpoints and reap the benefits of a seamless process.

SPA and chargeback by Vyastec is easy to use and its look & feel is consistent with standard Microsoft D365 F&O. It seamlessly integrates end-to-end with Sales, Purchasing as well as Finance processes of D365 F&O

Full life-cycle in one system:

  • Agreement setup
  • Application
  • Claim
  • Payment
  • Dispute resolution


  • Define eligibility for specific Customer/Item, or defined Customer/Item groups, or all Customers/Items
  • Min and Max quantities
  • Cost Types (% of Purchase Price or List Price, Fixed cost, discount amount)
  • Price Types (Reseller Price, Inline credit, Trailing credit etc)
  • Intercompany SPA
  • Manage Exclusions, Bundles

Enables you to manage all vendor programs with ease


  • Real Time integration with Sales Orders and Purchase Orders
  • Customer, Vendor, Item Master
  • Automated postings to General Ledger for accruals, chargeback claims, and claim payments
  • Real time update of SPA quantity consumption

Eliminate manual work with full integration

Reduced COGS:

  • One-time configuration to drive impact on COGS
  • Efficiently process chargebacks to suppliers
  • Monitor disputes and reduce revenue/margin leakage
  • Sales reps immediately see margin impact

Visibility into true margins

Special Pricing & Chargeback Management for D365 includes many solutions to problems that wholesale distributors face

Management of Vendor Special Pricing Programs

  • One-Time setup of SPA Types, Reimbursement Methods, Discount calculations to drive system behavior
  • Configure each SPA agreement to meet suppliers' terms
  • Reduce manual workarounds

Management of Price Protection Claims, Product Authorizations and more

  • Solutions to the common challenges that wholesale distributors face
  • Reduce the enhancements required to make D365 meet requirements

Increased Profitability

  • Reduced leakage from disputes
  • Reduced manual work that leaves more room for errors
  • Increased cash flows from efficient claiming and collection processes
Our promise to you

We measure success by how well the solution works for you

An offer to get you started. 

To know more about how your organization can benefit from Special Pricing & Chargeback Management for D365 by Vyastec, and translate to increased revenues, Contact us for a demo.

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