Unlocking Data Magic: A Guide to Next-Level Reports and Insights

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Power BI Reports and Insights

Shhhhhhh - don't let your competitors hear about or attend this webinar! Organizations that can capture, understand, and use their data in real-time are going to have a competitive advantage over their competition!

You're Invited

Ever wondered how to make data your best friend without drowning in business-speak? We're here to share secrets on crafting reports that actually matter. Dive into the world of real-time info and see how you can whip up impressive dashboards from all sorts of data. No fancy talk, just actionable insights to level up your game and increase your profits. Get ready to turn your data into a powerhouse of awesomeness!

Join us on 3/19/24 @ 2 pm ET for an educational webinar. All attendees will have access to the recording after the webinar. Enjoy content from TrinSoft's thought leaders, David Beaty and Collin Sheehan.

Who Should Attend?

ALL business leaders including C-Suite, Directors, or Managers.


Get valuable data visualization tips to give your organization a competitive advantage.

If you need help getting started with data visualization and Power BI, please contact our team. We're happy to help. Also, keep an eye on our events calendar for more upcoming webinars and please let us know if you have topics for future webinars.

On-Demand Webinars

We invite you to watch our previous webinars as well at your own convenience.

Power BI's WOW Factor - 4 Unique Features for Decision Makers

Looking for quick tips to get the most out of Power BI? Let us walk you through powerful features you may not know about that can boost your productivity and take your Power BI skills to the next level. In this 30-minute session + Q&A, we cover:

1. Using AI to ask questions about your data
2. Power BI mobile app
3. Scanning QR codes/barcodes
4. Live streaming data

Unlock Your Dynamics Data with TrinSoft's Power BI Report Pack

With so much data being captured in modern ERP systems, dashboards, KPIs, and other reporting platforms have become critical. TrinSoft’s Power BI Report Pack is an affordable data analytics tool containing pre-built dashboard reports to help unlock your Dynamics 365 Business Central data.

TrinSoft’s Report Pack will give you a complete view of your business using data analytics and BI, empowering your decision-makers to make faster and more data-driven decisions for your organization.

Power BI Hidden Gems

There are some handy hidden tricks in Power BI, and we share a few of our favorites in this webinar including:

  • Query parameters
  • What-if parameters
  • Multiple pages in Relationship view
  • Constant lines on visuals in Analytics pane
  • Custom themes in Power BI visuals

by TrinSoft, LLC a Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Partner in Kentucky

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