Understanding the Factors Prompting Clients to Shift from Dynamics GP to Business Central

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Drawing on more than two decades of experience with the Microsoft Dynamics suite, we've guided countless clients in choosing software tailored to their industry and needs. Throughout this period, we've noticed a rising preference among clients for transitioning from Dynamics GP to Business Central, motivated by key factors. As a committed partner specializing in Business Central, we are fully prepared to support and facilitate your transition journey.

Mobile Functionality

Today, the importance of accessing data and working remotely cannot be overstated. Business Central provides effortless mobile functionality, enabling users to work from any location at any time. In contrast, GP lacks mobile capabilities, creating obstacles for users accessing it through web browsers. Therefore, implementing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is crucial for improving mobility and productivity.


A significant distinction lies in the upgrade process. Dynamics GP necessitates complex and cumbersome updates, whereas Business Central streamlines this process, requiring minimal testing before implementation. This simplicity underscores the advantage of Business Central implementation in terms of update management.

Power BI Integration and Cloud Analytics

The robust reporting capabilities of Power BI, coupled with Cloud Insights, drive the desire to migrate to Business Central. Native integration of Power BI in Business Central enhances reporting and facilitates informed decision-making. This integration reinforces the importance of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central implementation for data-driven insights.


Business Central offers expanded functionality and integrations compared to GP, catering to the evolving needs of mid-size businesses. Access to a wide array of integrations through the Microsoft Appstore enhances the user experience and operational efficiency, making Business Central a preferred choice.

Cutting-edge Interface

With its sleek and modern user interface, Business Central provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience. This modernization enhances user adoption and facilitates efficient training, ensuring a seamless transition for users. As a trusted Business Central partner, we're committed to helping you leverage these advantages for successful implementation and user engagement.

Unlock Your Business Potential with Korcomptenz

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