MxAPS v4.8: Enhancing Production Scheduling in Business Central

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MxAPS logoWhat is MxAPS?

MxAPS is an app from Insight Works, designed for Dynamics 365 Business Central that provides manufacturers, job shops, production planners, and others, the ability to automatically create schedules without the traditional headaches associated with planning. Tailored to meet the needs of a diverse range of users in the manufacturing sector, MxAPS simplifies and streamlines the complex process of production scheduling. The latest update, MxAPS v4.8, further enhances this functionality, offering new features and improvements that make scheduling tasks even more straightforward and efficient for all involved in the manufacturing process.

Why Choose MxAPS?

Here’s why MxAPS is a preferred choice:

  • Advanced Scheduling and Planning: MxAPS offers sophisticated tools to efficiently schedule production orders, balancing various operational factors.
  • Resource Optimization: The application ensures optimal allocation of machines, labor, and resources for heightened productivity.
  • Improvement in Production Efficiency: MxAPS aids in reducing downtime and setup times, thereby maximizing throughput.
  • Responsive and Just-In-Time Scheduling: MxAPS enables scheduling aligned with real-time demand and customer priorities.
  • Maintenance Planning and Downtime Management: The app supports scheduling preventive maintenance tasks and managing equipment downtime.
  • Inventory Management: MxAPS is instrumental in managing inventory and scheduling production orders to minimize excess levels.

MxAPS v4.8: What’s New?

The latest update, MxAPS v4.8, introduces new features that enhance manufacturing scheduling:

  • Enhanced Make-To-Order Support: Improve accuracy in production planning with added support for interdependencies between inventory and production order lines under the Make-To-Order Manufacturing Policy.
  • Optimized Subcontracting Scheduling: Enhance scheduling efficiency by adjusting the duration of subcontracted operations based on their linkage to purchase lines.
  • Boosted Performance for Order Status Changes: Experience faster and smoother updates in Production Order Status, especially for schedules with many lines.
  • Improved Machine Center Scheduling: Enhanced production accuracy by considering machine center absences, preventing the scheduling of production orders during these periods.

MxAPS v4.8 represents Insight Works’ commitment to enhancing and refining production scheduling solutions. This update addresses the evolving challenges of modern manufacturing, in line with Insight Works' focus on delivering user-friendly and effective tools. The introduction of MxAPS v4.8 is a key development in the field of production planning, bringing a more streamlined and technologically advanced approach to manufacturing scheduling.

Elevate your production scheduling with MxAPS v4.8 from Insight Works. For more information, visit

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