How to Improve Dynamics GP Reporting: Delivering Financials to 400 Stores in One Click

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With business growth comes additional complexity and accountability. This is particularly challenging for organizations that operate across various locations. Distributing detailed financial statements to each branch can consume considerable time and resources, leading to inefficiencies and potential inaccuracies. That’s why many expanding businesses are on the hunt for a modern solution to streamline their financial reporting processes.

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Auto Dealer Dynamics GP Reporting Case Study

About Teph Seal

Teph Seal, a frontrunner in the auto dealership service industry, specializes in vehicle preparation and detailing services. With over 400 locations across the United States, Teph Seal relies on Microsoft Dynamics GP as its ERP backbone. However, the company recognized the limitations of their existing financial report writer, especially in terms of efficiently distributing financial reports to their widespread operations.

How ReportFYI Helped Teph Seal Streamline Financial Reporting in Dynamics GP

Teph Seal’s search led them to our solution, ReportFYI, to help them with their advanced reporting needs. They were able to streamline much of their processes to realize significant time savings – a testament to the power of ReportFYI. Below are key points that highlight the impact on Teph Seal’s operations:

  • Automated Distribution with One Click: Before ReportFYI, Teph Seal faced a cumbersome process of manually emailing profit and loss (P&L) statements to each of its 400+ store locations, a task requiring hours of staff time, repeated multiple times each month. With ReportFYI, this process is condensed into a single click, significantly saving time and reducing the margin for error.
  • Seamless Migration from FRx: The transition from FRx to ReportFYI was critical. Teph Seal needed a solution that could not only transfer financial data but also the intricate reporting structures built within FRx. ReportFYI’s compatibility with FRx’s organizational trees ensured a smooth migration, preserving the integrity and efficiency of the financial reporting process. This same benefit and seamless migration also applies to GP customers relying on Management Reporter.
  • Enhanced Security and Accuracy: Previously, the manual emailing of reports posed a risk of sensitive financial information being sent to the wrong recipients. ReportFYI’s one-click distribution mechanism ensures that financial reports are securely and accurately delivered to authorized personnel only, minimizing the risk of data breaches.
  • Significant Time Savings: The efficiency gains from implementing ReportFYI are substantial. By reducing the distribution process from several hours to a mere click, Teph Seal saves at least six hours every month, allowing the finance team to focus on more strategic tasks and analysis.

Businesspeople happily discuss a clear financial report.


Teph Seal’s success with ReportFYI showcases a significant leap forward in financial reporting for expanding businesses with a growing number of locations. This modernized approach not only enhances efficiency but also ensures accuracy and security in financial data distribution.

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