Migration From Legacy ERP to the Cloud

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Are you thinking of upgrading your Dynamics system but feel overwhelmed by potential costs and operational disruptions? You are not alone. In the evolving business tech world, the journey to the Cloud is a big decision for many legacy Dynamics ERP users.

We know you have questions. We can provide answers. Whether it's about system updates, data security, or the transition process, we've got you covered.

Watch Western Computer's OnDemand webinar with Greg Williams, seasoned VP of Strategy, as he covers crucial topics, including:

  • Which Dynamics Cloud ERP is right for me?
  • What other Dynamics and Microsoft cloud products should I use?
  • What do I do with all my historical data?
  • How do I handle my legacy customizations?
  • How do I verify if my ISVs are ready?

In this video we will:

  • Compare Dynamics ERP cloud options and the Microsoft roadmap.
  • Provide an overview of complementary products.
  • Discuss cloud data management options and strategies.
  • Explore how to use Microsoft AppSource.

Watch the full video "Options for Migrating Your Legacy ERP to the Cloud"

Moving to Cloud-Based ERP? Which Dynamics Solution is Right for You?

Our clients migrate from legacy ERP solutions to Microsoft Dynamics cloud-based ERP systems for many reasons. The number one reason that we hear over and over is Security.

Microsoft spends a lot of money and resources on securing its cloud applications. Moving to a cloud-based system leaves all those security headaches and compliance issues to Microsoft. Have you ever been asked for SOC compliance? Do you need HIPPA or PCI compliance? That's all included within the Microsoft Cloud offering.

Most of our clients see cost savings in moving to the Cloud. And it is a necessity for those working remotely. You can eliminate terminal servers; just log in to a browser. Use the same browser you use to access Office 365 and your other Microsoft applications.

Microsoft Dynamics cloud-based ERP solutions are flexible and scalable, seamlessly handling seasonal or event-connected increases and decreases.

Compare Your Cloud ERP Options

Which Dynamics Cloud ERP is right for you?

Business Central (BC) is based on the NAV product. This is Microsoft's small to mid-size business offering.

Finance and Supply Chain (F&SCM) is based on the AX product and is Microsoft's mid-sized to enterprise business offering.

Your choice will not be based solely on size or finances but on business needs. Fully understanding the differences between the various Microsoft Dynamics cloud-based ERP solutions can help you determine the best choice for your business.

This webinar will introduce you to the features, functionality, and benefits of each solution.

ERP Cloud Factors to Consider


Cost is always a factor for any company choosing new technology. Even when resources are available, you still want to be sure you can recoup a return on your investment. Are you looking for the most strategic solution or the top-of-the-line?

This webinar will discuss what is included in the solutions and what may be obtained by the strategic use of ISVs or third-party add-ons.


Different industries have very different needs when it comes to technology. Is your business project-based, customer-centric, or a combination? Do you need project modules or CRM excellence?

This webinar will explain various options, helping you truly understand what is best for your industry and your unique business processes.


The size of your business and the scope of your operations might make a difference, too.

This webinar outlines the factors you must consider regarding the number of employees and transactions you anticipate, as well as your company's global reach.

This webinar will also discuss integration with your other apps, third-party apps, customization, and scalability.

Get all the facts before you make a move.

Watch the full video "Options for Migrating Your Legacy ERP to the Cloud"

Next Steps

Western Computer wants to help you find the right system. We will look at your current systems and help you determine the best solution.

You show us your current processes, the data you want to migrate, and the additional functionality you need. We can evaluate your current situation and future goals and recommend which Microsoft Dynamics system is best for you.

Sometimes, there will be more than one option, and we will compare the pros and cons of each, including the level of customization that might be needed. Then, we'll outline a cloud migration plan with a timeline.

Would you like to know more about migrating your legacy ERP to a modern, full-service, cloud-based ERP from Microsoft Dynamics? We're here to help.

Contact our experts at Western Computer.

Watch our on-demand Webinar: Options for Migrating Your Legacy ERP to the Cloud.

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