Navigating the Cloud Transition: Migrating AP from Microsoft Dynamics GP to D365 Business Central

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In the dynamic landscape of business technology, migrating to cloud-based systems is more than a trend; it's a strategic move. This is especially true for financial operations. If your business is considering the shift from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft D365 Business Central, our latest video provides a roadmap for a successful transition. This case study is based on real-life customers, illustrated through the story of the fictional AIM Medical Association.

The Need for Evolution in ERP Systems

For many organizations like AIM, the evolution of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is not just a matter of staying current with technology—it's about optimizing operations to stay competitive and responsive in a rapidly changing market. This transition can often seem daunting, especially when it involves complex processes like Accounts Payable (AP) across multiple company divisions.

Mekorma's Role in Simplifying the Transition

In the video below, Brendan Coffey, Partner Engagement Manager at Mekorma, walks you through AIM's approach to this challenge. The introduction of Mekorma Payment Hub was an initial step, significantly enhancing efficiency in their AP processes. But the real transformation began with their move to cloud-based operations, a step increasingly essential for businesses seeking scalability, security, and mobility in their financial operations.

Strategic Approach to Cloud Migration

The video details how AIM adopted a phased approach to its cloud migration, starting with the AP function. By implementing Mekorma Remote Payment Services, they could automate their payment systems, shifting from manual check printing to electronic payments. This not only streamlined their operations but also laid the groundwork for a smoother transition to D365 Business Central.

Business Central: A Game-Changer for ERP

D365 Business Central stands out as a game-changer in the ERP landscape, offering versatility and integration capabilities. For AIM, the move to Business Central, facilitated by Mekorma's expertise, meant not just adopting a new system, but transforming their approach to financial management.

Conclusion: Your Path to the Cloud

As a business leader, understanding the nuances of such a transition is crucial. This video is more than just a case study; it's a blueprint for your organization's AP journey to the cloud. It demonstrates how with the right tools and strategic planning, the move to a cloud-based ERP system can be smooth, efficient, and transformative for your financial operations.

Embark on your journey with confidence. Watch our video to learn how Mekorma can help your business make a seamless transition to the future of finance.

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