Dynamics GP Training to Uncover Simple Ways to Recover Extra Time in Their Day

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Why Dynamics GP Users Still Need Training to Uncover Simple Ways to Recover Extra Time in Their Day

You would be amazed, time and time again, I have found that I can look at a Dynamics GP system during training and find ten to twenty ways the company can automate or streamline manual tasks, saving time and money.

Getting the right training for your Dynamics GP system is so much more than just helping a user; it helps the entire company be more efficient.

However, we've observed a growing trend of companies struggling to receive adequate support for Dynamics GP, with many Microsoft Partners shifting their focus to newer platforms.

At DLD Business Solutions, we believe training is the lifeline for businesses relying on Dynamics GP. And we are here to help.

The Dynamics GP Training Void and the Importance of Training

In a scenario where support is dwindling, training becomes the cornerstone of a user's success with Dynamics GP. The challenge lies not in the software's capability but in users' awareness and understanding of its features. We believe that training is not just about staying on GP; it's about leveraging your company’s investment in GP by utilizing the functionality of GP to help your operations.  Why spend thousands of dollars a year on your Microsoft Dynamics GP enhancement plan if you are not utilizing the rich features embedded in GP?

Uncovering Hidden Dynamics GP Functionality

Walking into any company using Dynamics GP, we often discover numerous untapped opportunities for automation—low-hanging fruit waiting to be picked. It's astonishing how many manual processes persist simply because users are unaware of existing functionalities. Our experience allows us to identify and rectify these inefficiencies, making a tangible difference in how companies operate immediately.

A Time Saving Tip for the Dynamics GP Payables Department

New users often inherit practices from their predecessors, creating a continuous degradation of knowledge. This gap is especially evident in the Payables department, where simple yet impactful functionalities go unnoticed. For example, a payable person may be performing unnecessary steps, such as going through an entire check run just to pay one invoice.  We find that over half of payables team members will enter and post an invoice, select the payment, then print the one check. Several steps in several different GP windows.  These multiple steps could be streamlined by just entering the invoice, selecting the payment type, and then printing the check all from the payable’s transaction entry window – a process known in the GP community as a “check on the fly.”  This is only one of the many simple examples we see every day of new users doing excessive work that can be streamlined.

The Dynamics GP Training Gap

We encourage users to write down every manual process. If you see something that you just think is crazy, it probably is crazy. Ask us during training, and I bet that 60% to 75%  percent of these excessive 3 to 7-step processes can be narrowed down immediately just by using the functionality already in Dynamics GP.

Take advantage of our 24 years of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Contact DLD today to discuss the training options available.

By Dennis Day, CPA, DLD Business Solutions, www.dldbsi.com

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