Warehouse Insight v2.11: Streamlining Operations in Business Central

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Insight Works Add-ons solutions - Warehouse Insight -Business Central TransitionBefore diving into the new features of Warehouse Insight v2.11, let’s understand what Warehouse Insight offers. This comprehensive application is designed to transform warehouse management by integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It provides real-time access to inventory data and warehouse operations through mobile devices and barcode scanning, making it a pivotal tool for modern warehouse management.

Why Choose Warehouse Insight?

  • Mobile Device and Barcode Integration: Facilitating seamless synchronization with Business Central.
  • Extensibility: Easily customizable to accommodate the unique requirements of any organization.
  • Quick Deployment: Those with warehousing properly configured in Business Central can be live with Warehouse Insight in as little as 48 hours.

Warehouse Insight v2.11: What’s New?

  • Enhanced Application Support: Improved support for higher-resolution images, better search rules for tracking and batches, and enhanced barcode handling for easier configuration and usage.
  • No-Code and Low-Code Application Development: Utilize the newest release of the improved Application Wizard and numerous enhancements to the built-in Application Designer for developing comprehensive applications.
  • Ready-to-Go Add-Ons: The new Add-On Catalog offers numerous pre-built extensions, making it easier to extend Warehouse Insight’s functionality with easy installation and movement of applications and overrides between environments.
  • Consistent Shortcut Key Usage: Standardized shortcut keys across applications, including new additions, for a more intuitive user experience.
  • Enhanced Formatting Options: More precise field formatting capabilities for use in both warehouse and non-warehouse applications, such as retail or delivery.
  • Improved UI Flexibility: Increased options for configuring factbox positions and the ability to maximize each factbox for easier reading, along with configurable docked menu pane size for improved tablet and landscape usage.

In Conclusion

With the release of Warehouse Insight v2.11, Insight Works reaffirms its commitment to enhancing and maintaining applications that meet the evolving needs of modern warehouse operations. This latest update brings a suite of new features that make warehouse management more intuitive, efficient, and adaptable.

Ready to take your warehouse management to the next level? Explore the capabilities of Warehouse Insight v2.11 and see how it can transform your operations. Visit http://WMSforDynamics.com for more information.

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