Unlock the Future of Automation with Copilot and AI Builder in Microsoft Power Automate

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The digital landscape is expanding at an unprecedented pace and organizations are constantly seeking ways to optimize their workflows and efficiency. Microsoft Power Automate is quite a dominant platform for workflow automation. For years, businesses are harnessing their potential to automate business processes. With the introduction of Copilot and AI Builder, Power Automate has elevated the automation game Users can smartly and intuitively automate their tasks like never before.

In this blog, we will delve into the detailed specifications of Copilot and AI Builder and how they can revolutionize the landscape of automation efforts.

Overview of Power Automate

Power Automate, a SaaS platform by Microsoft, streamlines repetitive tasks and interconnects diverse applications and platforms. It creates a seamless network among Microsoft Office 365 apps with each other or a large library of any third-party app, both on-premises and cloud environment. Users, including those with basic Office 365 knowledge, can design automation workflows with ease. Professional developers can further leverage their expertise of Power BI and Power Apps to build custom business applications that meet specific business needs.

Understanding Copilot – A Smart AI-enabled Assistant

Microsoft has enhanced Power Automate to offer more than just flow creation descriptions. Power Automate now empowers its users to refine and improve their flows via AI-driven conversations. This advanced Power Automate iteration introduces Copilot, an intelligent AI-powered assistant that can be integrated with the flow studio, providing support during the entire flow building and alteration procedure.

Unifying Microsoft Power Automate and Copilot: A Revolution in Automation

With Copilot now integrated into Microsoft Power Automate, users can enjoy open-ended and conversational experiences while they create their flows. Users have the freedom to ask questions and seek guidance for refining and modifying flows as they build them. The best advantage of using Copilot is that no specific knowledge or technical skills about the inner mechanism of Power Automate is required. Just by using natural conversational language, users can construct and improve everything – from basic flows to complex enterprise-wide processes.

In the realm of code abstraction, Power Automate is undergoing a noteworthy advancement, progressing from custom code to low code. It has reached a significant milestone with the introduction of a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence-powered Copilot within Power Automate, enabling natural language authoring. This enables seamless collaboration between humans and machines, empowering individuals all around the world to build transformative automation using the language that’s easily understood.

The preview for the “Describe it Design it” feature is now accessible not only in the US but also in the EU.

capabilities of copilot

Create Text with GPT in Microsoft Power Automate including Desktop

The advantages of next-generation Artificial Intelligence extend beyond creators. Automation users across several roles and functions also call for intelligence that is integrated into their processes. Keeping this vision in mind, Microsoft AI Builder has incorporated Azure OpenAI Service into its user-friendly interface. This integration empowers creators to leverage a new low-code technology of generative AI model to build chatbots in Power Virtual Agents and templates within Power Automate cloud flows.

Generative AI finds valuable application in two additional domains. Delegate the competence of generative AI within your business applications through next-generation control. Second, the introduction of generative AI to Power Automate for desktops empowers users to effectively harness this technology within the desktop version, significantly broadening the horizons of AI-driven innovation.

The introduction of cloud flows brings a valuable addition for users of the desktop flow – Create Text with GPT. This feature enables users to achieve the following tasks:

Content Creation: Generate text for daily communications with your teams or for social media purposes.
Customer Service: Gather feedback from clients, be it positive, neutral, or negative. Respond accordingly by utilizing AI-generated text.
Back-office Operations: Extract information quickly from large texts and documents incorporating names, phone numbers, addresses, and amounts. Eliminate the need for manual and variable scraping to save the valuable time of users.

These functions offer a glimpse into AI's potential. Microsoft is progressively advancing in this direction. Extend Copilot capabilities to integrate with your existing ERP platforms like SAP or Oracle too.

scenarios to apply AI builder and Copilot

Use Cases Where AI Builder and Copilot Can Be Used Effectually

1. Document Processing: From documents such as invoices, receipts, or contracts, key information can be extracted by AI Builder which saves hours of manual data entry. Design the workflow with Copilot by suggesting actions, conditions, and connectors to reorganize the entire process.

2. Process Automation: Integration of AI Builder’s prediction models with Power Automate can help to automate decision-making processes. For this scenario, Copilot can assist in building workflows to predict equipment failure depending on sensor data. Consequently, the workflow will trigger maintenance requests or alerts.

3. Sentiment Analysis: Leveraging AI Builder's integrated sentiment analysis model, automate the analysis of customer feedback from social media, surveys, and support tickets. Based on these customer sentiments, Copilot can generate relevant expressions to filter and route the feedback to guide agents to prioritize and address critical issues promptly.

4. Image Recognition: The object detection model of AI Builder can be used to automate the recognition of images. With Copilot, map the object detection model to other actions, such as constructing reports based on the data of images or sending notifications.

Wrapping Up

In summary, AI Builder and Copilot for Power Automate are altering how we build and engage with AI-powered business applications. At DynaTech, we have years of experience in Microsoft Power Platform and have already deployed Copilot integrations. Connect with our experts to get assistance to build the apps that you had always wished for!

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