Navigating Success in Supply Chain Planning: A Conversation with Netstock at Community Summit 2023

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I had the pleasure of talking with Karen Wainwright from Netstock at the Community Summit 2023 event in Charlotte, NC. As a seasoned participant in industry events, Karen shared her thoughts on this year's Community Summit. We also talked about what makes Netstock unique, and she expressed her appreciation for the ERP Software Blog community.

1) Community Summit 2023: A Delightful Experience

Karen was happy to be interviewed and started by commending the organizers of Community Summit 2023. Having attended numerous shows over the years, Karen appreciated the charm of Charlotte's smaller city atmosphere and intimate setting for fostering meaningful connections. She lauded the organizers for effective communication, attention to detail on the expo floor, and facilitating valuable contacts. According to Karen, these factors contributed to a well-executed and successful event.

2) Netstock's Unique Approach to Supply Chain Planning

Moving on to Netstock's expertise, Karen enthusiastically discussed the company's focus on supply chain planning for small to mid-size businesses (SMBs). She emphasized Netstock's commitment to providing solutions tailored to the needs of smaller enterprises that often lack access to the sophisticated tools available to larger corporations. Netstock serves as a "shock absorber" for businesses, helping them navigate challenges like supply chain disruptions, ensuring optimal stock levels, and engaging with market competition.

Karen also highlighted Netstock's critical role in mitigating issues caused by recent global challenges, such as shipping disruptions and geopolitical events. Her personal connection to small businesses further underscored the importance of supporting and strengthening these enterprises through effective supply chain planning.

3) Valuing the ERP Software Blog Membership

Transitioning to Netstock's longstanding membership in the ERP Software Blog, Karen expressed her admiration for the platform's dynamic, informative content. She commended Anya Ciecierski's tenacity and entrepreneurial vision in supporting partners and independent software vendors (ISVs). Karen highlighted the exposure and learning opportunities the blog provides for marketing purposes and staying informed about the latest trends and technology investments within the industry.

Karen also acknowledged the impact of ERP Software Blog's wide-reaching influence, recognizing it as a valuable resource for Netstock's marketing efforts and her personal and professional development. She expressed her confidence in the magic behind the blog's success and offered a resounding "two thumbs up" as a testament to her appreciation for the platform.

In Conclusion

Netstock's positive experience at Community Summit 2023, coupled with Karen's insights into their unique approach to supply chain planning and the value derived from ERP Software Blog membership, paints a vivid picture of a company dedicated to innovation, community engagement, and continuous learning. As the ERP Software Blog community continues to thrive, it's evident that Netstock's commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with the values of this dynamic industry hub. Here's to more successful collaborations, insightful discussions, and shared growth within the ERP ecosystem.

Learn more about Netstock on the ERP Software Blog.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP/CRM Software Blogs,

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