The Key Factors in Choosing and Switching Microsoft Dynamics Partners

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Selecting the appropriate Microsoft partner goes beyond simply choosing a product; it involves establishing a lasting and fruitful business relationship. Your Microsoft partner plays a pivotal role in comprehending your distinct business needs and aiding in the implementation of a system that optimizes productivity, ensuring a swift return on investment. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of having the right Microsoft Dynamics partner and reasons why switching partners may be necessary if your current one falls short of expectations. 


Reasons to Consider Changing Your Microsoft Dynamics Partner or VAR 

 Several factors may prompt a change in your Microsoft Partner or VAR (Value Added Reseller). Some common reasons include: 

  • Poor Support: Inadequate post-implementation support may necessitate exploring alternative options. 
  • Misunderstanding Your Needs: Your partner should comprehend your business requirements; failure to do so can impede the effectiveness of your ERP system. 
  • Unmet Expectations or Project Failures: If your ERP implementation falls short or fails outright, it signals a misalignment with your current partner. 
  • Underutilized Software: Failure to optimize your ERP software means missing out on potential benefits that a knowledgeable D365 partner can unlock. 
  • Inadequate Training and Account Management: Proper training and efficient account management are crucial for a successful ERP experience. 
  • Lack of Industry Experience: Industry-specific knowledge is vital for tailoring your ERP system to your unique needs. 


A Guide to Seamlessly Changing Your Microsoft Dynamics Partner 

 Switching your Microsoft Partner of Record or VAR is a straightforward process: 

  • Reach out to the new partner to discuss your needs and expectations. 
  • Change the partner for a subscription online through your Microsoft account or submit a Change of VAR form for on-premise solutions. 

Change the partner for a subscription 

    1. In the admin center, go to the Billing > Your products page. 
    2. On the subscription details page, under Partner information, select Remove. 
    3. Type the Microsoft Partner Network ID for the new partner. You can get the partner’s Microsoft Partner ID by asking the partner for it. 
    4. Select Add. 

Change of VAR for on-premises solutions 

    1. Submitting a Change of VAR form does not cost anything and the form will be processed withing a day by Microsoft. 
    2. Print and fill out this form. 
    3. Send it back to your new partner. They will then submit it to Microsoft for processing.

Easiest way of VAR Change 

    1. Just email to with “VAR Change Request” in the subject line, or call at 1-888.838.8422 


Reasons to Choose Calsoft Systems as Your Microsoft Dynamics Partner 


  • If you're in search of a new Microsoft Dynamics partner, Calsoft stands out for several reasons: 
  • Personal Approach: Calsoft values getting to know its customers personally. 
  • Fast Resolution Times: Quick and effective solutions to any issues. 
  • Full Training, Support, and Upgrades: Comprehensive assistance for a seamless ERP experience. 
  • Professional ERP Consultants with Industry Experience: Experts with a deep understanding of various industries. 
  • 100% Rescue Project Achievement Rate: Success in taking over and completing projects from other partners. 
  • Long-Term Relationship Focus: Calsoft believes in building enduring partnerships. 


As a Microsoft Gold Partner and the Microsoft US Partner of the Year several years in a row, Calsoft is renowned for exceptional customer service, training, and support across Microsoft Dynamics and various Microsoft Cloud services and subscriptions. If you're considering a change in your Microsoft Dynamics partner, Calsoft can help you assess if it's the right fit and guide you through the switching process.  

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