How Process Reviews Prove That Microsoft Dynamics GP Can Do More Than You Think

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Let me take you back to a breakfast encounter in a California resort, where a chance conversation changed the way a director of finance viewed Microsoft Dynamics GP. This story is not just an anecdote; it's a testament to the transformative power of executive process reviews, a service we at DLD Business Solutions are passionate about.

The Breakfast Conversation That Sparked Change

Eight years ago, I found myself sharing a table with a director of finance in Washington state, responsible for several libraries as part of an association. He had recently started a new job and expressed vehement frustration with the financial management software they were using. Curiosity led me to ask what software they were using, and I was surprised to hear it was Microsoft Dynamics GP. When I asked about the specific pain points, he unleashed a litany of grievances – "It doesn't do this, doesn't do that."

Listening attentively, I couldn't help but interject. "You know, Dynamics GP can actually do XYZ. It also handles the rolling reports that you just mentioned." As I shared my insights, his eyes widened. That's when I dropped the bombshell, "I work with GP; my company is a Microsoft GP partner."

This chance encounter evolved into a pleasant conversation. Little did I know that a few months later, he would reach out, frustrated with his current Dynamics GP partner's lack of support options. This marked the beginning of a successful engagement where we provided the training and support he needed to navigate Dynamics GP more efficiently.

But why do I mention this?

Executive Process Reviews: Uncovering Hidden Dynamics GP Opportunities

At DLD Business Solutions, we specialize in Dynamics GP Process Reviews that go beyond the surface, diving into the heart of how a business uses its GP solution. Our approach involves sitting down not just with the managers but with the actual power users – the individuals who interact with the solution daily.

While executives discuss business challenges and objectives, power users share their day-to-day experiences. Bridging these perspectives allows us to not only identify issues but also provide actionable recommendations.

The recommendations from our executive reviews vary. Sometimes, it's training, but often, it involves addressing manual processes that can be automated within Dynamics GP. We document these insights, recapping the executive review and answering questions raised during the process.

Turning Insights into Transformation

Recently, one of our enterprise clients engaged us to document their current processes and Dynamics GP usage. This comprehensive documentation became a roadmap for improvement. What set this project apart was our ranking system. We categorized recommendations into "low-hanging fruit" – quick wins with minimal time and cost – versus more substantial changes requiring more time and effort along with higher cost, such as implementing a new module or report writer.

The result was a tailored plan for the client to address immediate concerns and strategically plan for the future. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our solutions are crafted to meet the unique needs and constraints of each client.

Real Stories, Real Solutions

Our executive reviews involve meaningful conversations with both executives and power users.

Engaging with individuals who use Dynamics GP daily provides us with invaluable insights. As we ask about weaknesses, manual processes, and even things they may hate about GP, we uncover opportunities for improvement. This candid dialogue allows us to tailor our recommendations and solutions to address real pain points.

Recently, we worked with an enterprise company that had never closed out their receivables to history. That led to a performance nightmare. Through our process review, we swiftly identified this issue and provided a quick solution, transforming their Dynamics GP experience.

Your Dynamics GP Journey Starts Here

If you're using Microsoft Dynamics GP and haven't had a process review recently, you might be missing out on opportunities for growth and efficiency. At DLD Business Solutions, we believe that everyone using Dynamics GP can benefit from this type of evaluation. Our friendly, non-threatening approach encourages power users to share their concerns openly.

Visit our website to learn more about our process reviews and how we can help you unleash the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics GP. It's not just about what Dynamics GP can do; it's about what it can do for you. Let's embark on a journey to transform your Dynamics GP experience together.

You can be certain that at DLD Business Solutions, we will always do the right thing for you, our customer. This philosophy is something our entire team does not just talk about but incorporates into everything we do.

Contact DLD Business Solutions today to start the conversation.

By Dennis Day, President, CPA, DLD Business Solutions,


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