Unified A/R Remarkable Debut at Community Summit 2023

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I had the opportunity to interview Dan Hatcher, President and Co-Founder of Unified A/R, during his inaugural Community Summit. Dan shared his thoughts about the event, revealed the approach that makes Unified A/R unique, and expressed appreciation for the company's participation in the ERP Software Blog community.

1) Community Summit 2023: A Milestone

For Unified A/R, attending Community Summit 2023 marked a significant milestone. Dan described the experience of allowing the sheer size and scale of the Microsoft ERP environment to wash over them, emphasizing the energy and diverse participation of exhibitors and attendees. Bringing a large group of team members, Unified A/R embraced the challenge and opportunity presented by this dynamic event.

2) Unified A/R: Transforming A/R Automation

Dan provided insights into Unified A/R's journey, revealing that the seven-year-old company emerged from the rich legacy of the National Association of Wholesaler Distributors (NAW). Drawing from over 150 years of experience in payments, treasury, and corporate finance, the leadership team developed Unified A/R as a B2B payments organization focusing on modular AR Automation technology.

What sets Unified A/R apart is its commitment to a holistic approach to Accounts Receivable (AR). The company offers a modular technology stack that allows businesses to integrate slices of innovation into their existing AR ecosystem seamlessly. Unified A/R's solutions, crafted by AR professionals, provide efficiency gains, cost savings, and a transformative experience for businesses in the mid-market wholesale distribution and manufacturing sectors.

3) Deriving Value from ERP Software Blog Membership

As a relatively new member of the ERP Software Blog, Dan shared his positive experience and appreciation for the exposure provided. He acknowledged the significant value of planned exposure and highlighted the additional introductions made by the ERP Software Blog team. Dan commended the blog for going beyond being a business solutions partner, noting the team's commitment to fostering relationships and promoting great companies and solutions for Microsoft ERP users.

Dan expressed satisfaction with the ERP Software Blog's structure, praising it as a "no-lose proposition" and recommending it to others. He emphasized the genuine value received in terms of marketing exposure and the personalized support and connections facilitated by the blog.

In Conclusion

Unified A/R's debut at Community Summit 2023, Dan Hatcher's insights into his company's unique approach to AR Automation, and the value derived from ERP Software Blog membership paint a picture of a company dedicated to innovation and collaborative growth. As Unified A/R continues to make strides in the Microsoft ERP environment, its commitment to delivering custom industry-focused solutions makes it a valuable asset to businesses seeking transformative AR Automation. We look forward to continued collaboration and shared successes within the ERP Software Blog community.

Learn more about Unified A/R on the ERP Software Blog.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP/CRM Software Blogs, www.groupbloggers.com

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