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Microsoft has been busy releasing exciting new updates and capabilities for all the Dynamics 365 applications, and Business Central is no exception. Geared towards small and mid-sized companies, Business Central offers an enterprise level solution that streamlines and automates business processes. With the 2023 Wave 2 releases well underway, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a webinar highlighting the features we think are the most interesting and beneficial for your business.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the Business Central capabilities we’ve covered:

Watch the full Business Central 2023 Wave 2 Release webinar

1) More efficient ways to navigate and view reports

Previously, searching for reports required users to use the tell me search bar or navigate to a certain page to find the report they were looking for. It wasn’t the most user-friendly method, it required a bit more effort, and could be quite confusing, especially for new Business Central users. Now, there’s a report section in the role center dashboard you can use to search for specific reports. No need to waste time by clicking around or endlessly searching to find your reports!

2) Additional fields to improve journal workflows

You’ll be able to see approval statuses in your journal workflows, thanks to the new dynamic approval status field found in the General Journal section. You’ll also be able to send approval requests and be able to see the current status of your journal entries all in one spot. It’s a minor change, but it will help a lot with user performance and accessibility.

3) Changes to the personalization tool

Previously, there was a restriction on what fields could be added to a page and the only way to work around it was by having a developer create an app to display those fields. The personalization tool has been changed to now display all fields that exist in a table, show new accessibility features that make it easier to add fields to pages in Business Central, and review what fields have already been added to a page.

4) Easier way to find data using the tell me search bar

Before this update, the tell me search bar wouldn’t search specific transactional data. It would search for pages, reports, and archives. As a user, you’d have to dig through multiple pages to find the information you actually needed. With the latest update, users have direct access to specific data like invoice numbers, document numbers, and more right in the tell me search bar. It’s very handy for both new and experienced team members, as there’s no need to go through multiple steps to get the info you really need.

5) How to use the new analysis mode

The new analysis mode can be used on any page in the system, including custom pages. You can click on the analyze toggle to show new data. If you want to create a report, you can easily add in data and have it all input together in one spot. In our webinar, we cover a few different capabilities of analysis mode.

6) Faster access to embedded Power BI in pages

In the past, Business Central had Power BI embedded on your dashboard, and you were only able to see one dashboard page. Now you can see all the dashboard pages in your system, along with more interactive capabilities that allow you to zoom in and focus on specific details. Power BI is also embedded in new pages such as the item's pages with the same functions.

This is just a snapshot of the highlighted updates. Our webinar series will give you a more detailed walkthrough of each new capability, including a live demo of each one in action, and a step-by-step setup process. Within a few minutes, you’ll have everything you need to make the most of out of these newly released features.

Watch the full Business Central 2023 Wave 2 Release webinar

There are hundreds of new updates being released and we’ve only scratched the surface. If you’re looking to implement newly released Dynamics 365 capabilities in your organization or would like to learn more about which products and services would be beneficial to your team, we’re more than happy to help.

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