ReportFYI Is the Perfect Solution for Complex Financial Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

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Even companies experiencing success can face challenges when it comes to upgrading their business software. That was the case with Sprenger Health Care Systems when they moved from their legacy Microsoft Dynamics GP to cloud-based Dynamics 365 BC (Business Central). Let us tell you how we met the challenge with FYIsoft's ReportFYI.

Sprenger Health Care Systems is an expansive enterprise providing care services for the aging. Their services include short-term post-acute rehabilitation, long-term nursing care, assisted and independent living, memory care, and hospice care.

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The challenge: Financial Reporting for Multi-entity Accounting in Dynamics 365 BC

Due to the nature and extent of their business, financial reporting for Sprenger’s 80 entities is complex. The finance team was very familiar with Microsoft’s Management reporter. However, Management Reporter is a legacy tool that worked well with Dynamics GP but is unavailable in the cloud. They needed another option to integrate with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC cloud solution.

The client’s  Microsoft consultant suggested an Excel-based reporting tool. But that solution required a lot of heavy lifting and presented a significant learning curve. Also, the client’s large amount of data would not translate well into the feed. It would require a great deal of manual Excel work and programming to be of use.

Our solution – ReportFYI

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We recommended ReportFYI as the best financial reporting software replacement for Management Reporter following a migration to Dynamics 365 BC. The functionality is similar, and there are some additional features to make reporting even easier. With a minimal learning curve, most of our Dynamics BC customers are able to begin leveraging their new reporting system immediately. 

We were able to automate the conversion of the customer's existing Management Reporter reports thanks to FYIsoft’s unique report conversion tool. And we accomplished all this with minimal disruption to their ongoing financial reporting. With ReportFYI, Sprenger Healthcare Systems has cut its report generation and distribution time by at least 50 percent.

How ReportFYI benefits Sprenger Healthcare Systems' Complex Business Structure

Automated report conversion

With ReportFYI, Management Reporter users gain additional value from FYIsoft’s automated report conversion tool. The software converts existing Management Reporter reports into FYIsoft’s report format, thus avoiding the need to manually recreate large volumes of financial reports.

Familiar report structure

In addition to having a familiar report structure, ReportFYI’s additional functionality makes the reporting process easier and faster for the finance team. They simply build all the reports and set up the packages based on use, access, formatting, etc., right down to the names added to each report. With a click of a button, they can create and send everything.

Easy-to-Use Reporting Tool for Dynamics 365

FYIsoft provides intuitive software designed for finance and accounting to use independently, without IT, coding, or consultants.

Always Accurate

FYIsoft automates reporting by pulling data directly from the GL, saving valuable time and removing the risk of errors.

Super Fast Close

FYIsoft’s ReportFYI is proven to reduce the close cycle by 50% or more with software designed to simplify every step of the reporting process.

For companies moving from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the Cloud, partners typically offer two reporting choices - Jet Reports/low-end Excel solution or Solver/high-end, costly solution. FYIsoft is right in the middle, offering enterprise features like automation but easy to use and much more affordable. It is the ideal fit for many and a super easy transition.

FYIsoft is the ideal financial reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics customers. Through an easy integration with any Dynamics ERP, FYIsoft is similar to Management Reporter but brings additional automation power for multi-entity consolidations, report distribution, and more.

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