Going Global with Rani Pendse of Microsoft

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As a cloud-based business application, Microsoft Dynamics is outpacing industry-average adoption by more than 2.5 times – and with good reason.

Microsoft’s Business Application ISV Program, an acceleration program for Partners who are building, extending or connecting to Dynamics 365 applications, works with ISVs to grow their solutions globally.

Microsoft’s Partner Development Managers provide resources to startups and companies building B2B-focused solutions on Microsoft’s Cloud. Rani Pendse, a Senior Partner Development Manager, accelerates companies based in Canada.

“I love to look for solutions that are very industry-focused or vertical-focused,” Rani says. “If they’re built on Azure, connected to Dynamics, integrated into Power Apps or Teams, those are the ones we can really accelerate together.”

Partner Development Managers help ISVs secure a spot on the Microsoft Marketplace, which grants them access to a market of more than 3 million monthly users. They also use their experience, resources and contacts to develop custom pathways to success.

“I help (Partners) answer questions like, ‘have you figured out a strategy for growth?’” Rani says. “How are you going to commercialize this? How are you accelerating? What is your (geographic) focus point?”

Rani says she often advocates for a tried-and-true global growth strategy – strategic partnerships.

Because Microsoft’s commercial marketplace has a worldwide reach, organizations leveraging the service have built-in access to an international Partner ecosystem. Overseas companies looking to build strategic partnerships often help their colleagues implement their solution in markets which would otherwise be inaccessible to their partners.

“Right now, I’m working with a small Montreal-based company,” Rani says. “Another Partner, which is based in Europe, was looking for the exact solution the Canadian company provides. Now, the Canadian company has accelerated into France, Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.”

Rani says the two companies, with Microsoft’s help, developed a way to bundle their solutions.

Now, they’re more successful than ever.


You can listen to Microsoft Dynamics 365 MVP Rick McCutcheon chat with Rani on PartnerTalks' YouTube page HERE.

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