Dynamic Business Central Warehousing Solutions: How to Choose the Right One

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Warehousing solutions cover a wide range of activities. Multiple steps are crucial to keeping your inventory moving from counting, barcoding, and storing to picking, packing, and shipping. Roadblocks at any of those steps can affect your entire company and your customers. Which Inventory management solution pairs best with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to keep your warehousing system operating smoothly?

While there are many aspects to effective warehousing and inventory management, several fundamental questions appear consistently:

  • Do you have the right products in the right quantities in stock?
  • Do you have enough inventory to meet customer demand without tying up too much cash?
  • Can your warehouse team consistently and cost-effectively receive, store, pick, and ship products to your customers efficiently?

Often, for various reasons, what sounds like a simple process isn't. Perhaps you inherited your current warehousing system, or maybe it developed piecemeal over the years. Now, you're looking for a full-service solution that will meet all the challenges and make inventory management the least of your worries.

First, you must determine the expected return on your warehouse automation investment.

What's the (Potential) Return on Investment?

Let's consider a couple of areas impacting the largest and most quantifiable ROI opportunities.

Avoid Mispicks with Dynamics 365 BC

Mispicking is one of the most significant challenges we see. A company will see the consequences in several areas if they select and ship incorrect products.

  1. You will deplete the incorrect product, but your system will still show it on hand.
  2. You will still have the product that was supposed to be shipped in stock.
  3. You'll have frustrated customers who did not get what they ordered.
  4. Additional expenses, some economic, some less tangible, will result.
  5. You'll either have to pay for the customer to return the item or allow them to keep it.
  6. You'll have to pick, pack, and ship the correct product to the customer, thus doubling (at least) your material handling cost.
  7. And you have the relationship cost of a frustrated customer who may take their business elsewhere next time.

Prevent Inaccurate Inventory with Dynamics Business Central

Inaccuracies may have various causes, but the impact on your company will be significant. The causes might include improperly received purchase orders, erroneous picking, or improper cycle counts. The impact will be a lack of faith in your system. That will lead to manual verification for departments from purchasing to customer service.

Misplaced items will have warehouse workers searching and will delay order fulfillment. Extra inventory, which means extra cash tied up, may be ordered just because items are misplaced.

If you recognize some of these issues, your warehouse solution isn't doing its job. Maybe it's time for a change.

Warehouse solutions come in various levels of complexity and cost. Which one makes the best business sense for your operation? That would be the one that best meets your challenges and fits with your budget. If you can quantify what you are losing due to poor inventory management, you'll know what you should plan to invest in a better solution.

Business Central Warehousing Solutions

Several options exist for users of Microsoft Dynamics 365BC.

You can use Dynamics' built-in functionality for warehouse management. Dynamics 365 Business Central includes all the basics. At Innovia, we have many customers that use this functionality very effectively. Specific features include Full physical inventory, Cycle counts, Warehouse bin management, Receiving, Picking, and Shipping.

Another option is leveraging a Third Party App (AKA ISV) solution. Many supplement existing Business Central functionality. The advantages are that the investment is reasonable, and the additional functionality benefits day-to-day users. The user interface is friendly, making for quicker adoption. Some of these solutions are:

A third option involves purchasing a Tier One style WMS system. These solutions offer significantly more robust functionality but also more of an investment. These solutions may be a great option depending on your ROI math and desired functionality.

Next Step

Hopefully, this exploration of the different types of warehouse solutions has clarified what path might work best for your business. It all comes down to choosing the functionality for the challenges you are trying to overcome.

Learn More About Business Central Warehousing

To find out more about Business Central Warehousing solutions, contact our experts at Innovia.

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And with 40 years of experience, you can trust that Innovia has the expertise you need to make your system successful. Our approach is collaborative. First, we listen to you. We learn more about your company and industry, then we go to work on a customized system that fits your needs.

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