Managing Sales Order Information in GP and Shopify Integration

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Managing Sales Order Information in GP and Shopify Integration efficiently is crucial for providing excellent customer service. It ensures accurate order fulfillment and as a result, maintains a seamless operation between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Shopify. Managing Sales Orders comprises of certain steps as discussed below:

Order Placement and Processing:

  1. Order Placement:

    Orders are placed on Shopify by customers having details of shipping, billing, etc. Further processing of orders requires the creation of web orders with exact information in GP. Manually replicating an order increases the chances of an error resulting in an unsatisfied customer.

  2. Automated Order Processing:

    Integration creates the web orders automatically with the same information. This procedure not only reduces time but also eliminates human errors.

  3. Payment, Shipping & Tax Mappings:

    To establish communication between the two systems, integration allows mapping of Shopify payment gateways to GP payment methods. Similarly, Shipment gateways can be mapped with shipping methods and tax rates with taxes in GP. This mapping helps in correct data population in Dynamics GP.

Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management:

  1. Inventory Levels:

    Inventory with in GP is affecting with orders from different sources like web-orders and an internal ERP orders. In this situation keeping track of inventory manually and updating it to  Shopify is a difficult task. Integration frequently updates inventory levels from GP to Shopify ensuring the visibility of correct count in any given circumstances. Furthermore it reduces order cancelations as well.

  2. Order Fulfillment:

    After order processing, the next step is to update the fulfilment status of that order to Shopify. Manual update is not only a cumbersome task but also prone to errors. Integration smoothly updates fulfilment status from Dynamics GP to Shopify.

  3. Order Splitting and Backordering:

    Shopify allows to sell when the product goes out of stock. Automating the process of backordering products that are temporarily out of stock saves a lot of time and doesn't affect business policy, also caters the temporary stock out situation.

  4. Shipment Tracking:

    Business usually adds shipment tracking information in orders. This tracking no. from GP also goes automatically with shipment update to Shopify.

Returns and Refunds:

  1. Order Cancellation:

    At times customer cancels the order , the cancelled order of Shopify also needs to be adjusted in GP. Integration performs this  task automatically.

  2. Return & Refunds:

    The returns and refunds on Shopify trigger the Sales return creation in Dynamics GP with the help of integration. Posting the automatically created return will adjust the accounts accordingly without any hassle.

Managing Sales Order Information in GP and Shopify Integration is easier, more accurate and synchronized compare to the manual entries. Also the correct data helps in analysis of sales and developing strategies.

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