Managing Product Information in GP and Shopify Integration

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Product information handling is an essential part of any integration. Managing Product Information between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Shopify Integration is also an important task to achieve desired results. This blog discusses some key aspects of this area.

Product Catalog Synchronization:

Product information includes name, description, price, image, and the respective collection to which the product belongs. All data needs to be synchronized between Dynamics GP and Shopify. Data consistency is very important specially for the prices to avoid any loss and lost sales.

Handling Variants and Attributes:

eCommerce store allow to define matrix products means product having variants (such as sizes and colors). In GP there is no native functionality to cater this situation. x2x-eCommerce Integration solution provides a module with in integration to define product according to eCommerce product format.

Inventory Management:

Inventory synchronization between GP and Shopify to prevent overselling and stockouts is also related to product management. Frequent inventory updates from GP to Shopify prevents lost sales and increase overall customer satisfaction as well.

Product Images and Media Management:

Product images are the real essence of eCommerce sites, without images eCommerce sites are incomplete. x2x-eCommerce Integration solution allows to update multiple images of a product from Dynamics GP to Shopify.

Product Categories and Collections:

Collections in Shopify play a vital role in structuring of eCommerce site and make its navigation user friendly. x2x-eCommerce GP and Shopify Integration provides a module to define collections and sub collections and also provide a mechanism to assign  them to respective items.

Handling Out-of-Stock Products:

In case business wants to sell out of stock products x2x Integration cater this demand by handling the situation from GP.

Managing Product Information in GP and Shopify Integration effectively ensures a seamless and trustworthy shopping experience for customers. Furthermore, optimizing the overall product handling process across both platforms.

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