Managing Inventory & Price Information in GP and Shopify Integration

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Managing Inventory & Price Information in GP and Shopify Integration

Managing Inventory and price Information in GP and Shopify Integration is fast and accurate. These are critical factors for ensuring accurate order fulfillment. Also, it prevents overselling or stockouts and provides a seamless shopping experience to customers. The following are important aspects to consider while managing inventory & price information in GP and Shopify Integration.

Inventory Management:

  1. Real-time Inventory Sync:
    • Real-time inventory synchronization between GP and Shopify not only  prevents overselling & underselling but also ensures an accurate stock levels.
    • Consequently any inventory adjustments in GP instantly reflects on Shopify.
  2. Inventory Tracking and SKU Management:
    • Send tracking information of inventory items through an integration with Sales Order.
    • Create unique SKUs of products in an ERP to identify them easily on Shopify store.
  3. Multi-Warehouse Support:
    • Integration supports businesses with multiple warehouses by connecting each Shopify location with distinct warehouse in GP.
    • With integration, manage inventory levels across different locations and serve customers from the nearest warehouse. This results in reducing delivery time and cost.
  4. Backorder Management:
    • Integration can convert stock out products  orders from Shopify to back orders.
    • This strategy helps in situations where products goes out of stock temporarily.
  5. Returns and Restocking:
    • Similarly, in case of returns the stock adjusted automatically in GP.
    • In case of return items restock in Shopify, integration reflects this change in GP instantly to ensure correct count across two platforms.

Price Information Management:

  1. Dynamic Pricing and Discounts:
    • Either select list price or a particular price level to move to Shopify from GP.
    • Shopify discounts are netted off in GP.
  2. Price Display and Tax Inclusion:
    •  Shopify include or exclude tax as per the business requirement.
    • It is important that tax rates are applied correctly in GP as well. This can be achieved through integration.

Managing Inventory and price Information in GP and Shopify Integration can optimize supply chain, prevent revenue loss due to stockouts or overstocking. Furthermore automation makes it easy to monitor and control price and inventory levels. As a result overall operational cost reduction takes place, optimizing business efficiency.

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